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Ryuu examined the capsule intently. He wasn't one to accept help from anyone, ever. But whatever it is, whether a trap or a simple offering of peace, Ryuu cared not. He most likely would never have use for it. He put it away into his coat pocket. Ryuu stared randomly at the ground now, but heard someone say something.

"Ass hole, that's no way to thank someone. She's only trying to help," Ryuu looked up, and examined the person who had spoken to him. It was a vampire, the one who sat next to Marisa. Ryuu didn't speak, but instead held his gaze steadily at him. The vampire exhaled. "Swallow it. I hope you choke on it."

Ryuu gave him a gaze. He studied him for a moment. He knew right away, he didn't like him. Ryuu memorized his face and clothing, and painted him out. He would be one of the first he targeted.

"I didn't ask for her help. What the f**k is she thinking, that we are all buddies or something? You do realize we'll be fighting each other until we die, right? That means that one of us will live, and the rest, ALL the rest, are dead. So enough with your petty 'alliances' and 'teams', and your 'friends'. Don't you understand that you'll have to kill each other eventually? So excuse me if I am reluctant to accept help from someone I'm going to try to kill pretty soon anyways. And you, you should understand that soon, very soon, you might have to try to kill her as well. So I'd appreciate it if you'd f**k off for now. I'll be seeing you in the Reaping soon though, very soon."

Ryuu turned away, closing his eyes and leaning back on his seat. Two hours from landing, and counting.

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