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    At first the soft sound of the ringing between his ears brought Xavier a true and seldom quiet, but the moment didn't last long when the angel - Amelia planted a fist into Fausto, and yelled frantically at him. Of course Xavier couldn't hear exactly what she was saying, his hearing still impaired from the whole head banging thing, but the dreaded thing to Xavier at this point, was that they were all still loud. He just banged his head in the wall to deafen himself, and some of them didn't even give a glance at him. The only one being Ryuu. And it wasn't like he was going to be one to shut up, Xavier knew that much. "......" Xavier could feel his eye beginning to twitch from the noise level. Not good. He's never expressed a single sign of displeasure so quickly before. Not good at all.

    The blood was still dripping from the gash Xavier had recently made and it began to mat his hair with the sticky red substance. In fact it was slightly beginning to break past the absorption, and it now began to slide down into view, working it's way down his nose. His face was beginning to mimic the color in anger, his eye still twitching as if he was having a seizure. Xavier could tolerate the random barking from his dog Toro, but with a sentient being? No, no, no, no, no. They know better. They know when someone is annoyed, irritated, or flat out angry. At least intelligent ones anyway. Which these people don't seem to be. At all. Xavier hasn't even been taught anything, he's only taught himself, and he's at prodigial levels of intelligence. Xavier modified an Ipod he found by his house, got it working with virtually junk, improved it's song capacity, downloaded his songs from other music devices, and increased the battery power to two weeks. Almost all of them are idiots compared to Xavier. To him, almost all of them are morons, idiots, inflated with ego, and loud. The only exceptions is the girl next to him, Paris, and the rebel, Bernkastel. Bernkastel was none of what the others were, and Paris was most likely inflated with ego, but it's better than being loud.

    Now let's take a look at the people making him go insane in the corner, Amelia and Kerin. At first, Xavier didn't care much about these two, in fact he thought the boy was kind for acting as a brotherly figure to the vampire, Marisa, but now he was just acting like a guard dog. Barking at whoever dare insult or hurt his master. It was saddening, irritating, and pathetic at the same time. Saddening, that Kerin was protecting a girl that would most likely die anyway -though he isn't saying she will-. Irritating, by how loud and brash the boy would rebutle against the perpetrator. And pathetic, by how quickly he had fallen into the whole cutesy act. Xavier isn't saying that she's faking it per say, but she could damn well be using it to her advantage. Tch.

    Amelia. Apparently the daughter of the leader, of the angel district. At first coming off as an innocent teenage girl, now comes off as an over reactive and loud, twit. What was there really to say here? She punched 'Fausto' in the gut, and yelled at the top of her lungs at him, when everything had calmed. Effectively ruining Xavier's chance at solemness in this hectic helicopter. There isn't really much else that she has done though, she wasn't consistent in this behavior, but at the moment, Xavier views her badly. Although this is very liable to change if she regains her calmness. Hm.

    Then that was when the game master showed himself as the body jumper. The man seemed to give off a 'charming' sentence towards Kerin, who promptly shut up immediately when the man had announced his name. What was the name he said? Natruo? Stupid name. Idiotic person. Perfect fit. It didn't matter if Kerin had stopped talking, when there was another person, to fill the air with their own talking. And this man was most likely the most arrogant person in history, controlling all the possibilties of how they die. Xavier ignored his existance, wiped the visible blood off him, and turned to Paris with an offer she couldn't refuse. "Hey, Paris...If you be quiet, I'll let you do anything you want to me for the rest of the ride."
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