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Originally Posted by Varelse View Post
Well, we know hes been introduced before,
He's the guy Mr. Stone was betting with,

but I bet you mean other than that.

Edit: Oh, and is the different font in the above chapter intended? And by the way, LOVE this story !
I do mean other than that. I mean, Zero is a character who's appeared before. Maybe not a main one, but one of either Kester, Fabien or Barry has at least glimpsed him before.

Thank you for enjoying the story; that's the best thing that can happen for me as an author, really. It's funny: what started out as a tiny side-project has completely pushed all of my main writing stuff out of the way and taken over my authorial life completely.

The different font is a mystery. For some reason, the copy+paste process has left in all the formatting from MS Word this time, instead of reducing it to plain text. I've no idea why it's happened, but I'm not complaining - it means I don't have to go through and manually italicise everything.

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