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    The perfect word to describe Bernkastel Vermilia, at the moment. First, she had engaged combat with Ryuu, which was abnormal. Second, she had thrown an arrow between Paris and him before, which was abnormal. Third, she had talked longer than expected, which was abnormal. And now, Bernkastel had moved out of her seat, over to the seat next to Xavier's, sat down in it, and began to lightly rub his wrist, which, you guessed it, was abnormal. Why was she acting like this so suddenly? She had always seemed to be so .....collected? Was that the right word to use, for the comparison? Hm....

    Xavier's eyes trailed down from her face, down to his wrist; more specifically, Bernkastel's thumb moving in circles on his wrist. It was soft, and gentle as it moved throughout the spot. It was....oddly soothing. He let her continue the action, as his eyes trailed from the thumb, back to reality. Back to what was happening in the helicopter. Had they even taken off yet? "......" Of course, the first thing he heard when he came back into tune, was this, "Is that an open invitation?". It was the village idiot, Ryuu.

    Xavier almost rolled his eyes at the pathetic little excuse of a creature, but his hair had moved out of his eyes; can't let anyone see him do that. They didn't deserve to see him make an emotion. Nobody does. He just wanted to be left alone in his house anyway, but NO. The gods have to go make a little conspiracy theory that he'd be a rebel. Idiots. How could they expect him to be a rebel, when he had only met a human being, when he was eligible for the reaping? Oh well, now where were we? Oh, looks like the God had heard the idiot's question.

    "Hm? Ryuu, was it? How about you stay silent, stay non-violent for now? I don't feel like messing up my clothing, to mess with you now. Wait..."

    Praise the lord, for that. The pompous little ass-hat, Ryuu, was going to get what was coming to him. He was going to be massacred first hand. Xavier wanted to be able to see that, but sadly, he wouldn't be able to. I mean if Ryuu's a competitor, the fight would be held under-wraps, right? So Natruo could get away with it....Wait. Did he just see a flash of red come from Bernkastel?

    Blinking, Xavier slowly swiveled in his seat, and turned to look directly at Bern. He could see her eyes have shifted from her old emerald eyes, and to a ruby color. Wait. When did this happen? But most importantly, why did this happen? It doesn't really make any sense why her pigmentation would change so suddenly....

    Xavier decided to ask her about it. "...............Bern? Why are your eyes red.......?" He tilted his head ever so lightly at her.
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