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I was under the impression that if a Question and Answer thread were made, then questions would be asked repeatedly. I had no expectation that every member ─ or most for that matter ─ would honestly search the entire thread for their own question. It's far simpler and much faster to just post it again and have someone come up and answer it. That is, after all, the overall purpose for having one. This way, the common simple questions that arise aren't cluttering the lower board where more important questions, suggestions, and feedback can be given. To be honest, if you're expecting it's going to be a mess, then you're over thinking it; like Vrai said above.

It'll also be far easier to just expand the current "Where do I post this...? / Where is this...?" thread, which was suggested a few times above, myself included.

Originally Posted by Pachy View Post
CQ&F is gonna be a rats nest anyway, and using the argument that n00bs are too stupid to get it is weak and tired. There's always going to be a clueless noob or two, that's where staff is supposed to step in and deal with.
Also, I never said that, so please don't put words in my mouth. I only stated that people overlook stickies, and to have too much of them in one place, it'll only cause people to overlook them even more.

Combining it into one thread makes it a headache to read through to find answers. If we split common questions into different classes, it might be easier to find the same question asked and answered before. I'm trying to encourage a more easily indexed and searchable system so even a clueless n00b can find something manually, assuming they know nothing of how to search or scan for it.
If that's the case, then it's better to suggest looking at the FAQ instead. It's organized, addresses individual questions as well as similar grouped questions together, and includes a search function of its own right at the top.

Reading your most recent post; We did have a sticky letting members know about ROM Hacking questions and where they belong. As you can see, that never actually worked out well enough and a permanent notice was put up instead.
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