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Originally Posted by N16 View Post
Are you still doing shiny giveaways?
Originally Posted by merfyz View Post
I want your shiny evee, and arbok.

Check out my trade thread to see if anything interests you.
ok, use my black fc
Originally Posted by Kkitten View Post
Do you have a shiny ho-oh????????????
Yes :3
Originally Posted by Fireworks View Post
I've finished EV training it already, it's just not at level 100 yet.
On another note, thanks to TwilightBlade I got the other two cloned now
I see, can you finish raising it to 100 and tell me its final stats?
Originally Posted by SOULxSILVER View Post
can you get me a regular (jpn) yanma(male)/ditto either ones fine. (next sentence is referring to yanma) with the best nature it could please.....
though i have nearly nothing to give... check my thread it should be one of the newset ones out there...

hmmm sure
Originally Posted by CrowSama View Post
I'm interested in your Shiny Japanese Snivy and Shiny Modest Zorua, though I'm afraid I don't have any of the events you seek. Please CMT for anything you may be interested in. I have shinies, and DW Females!
hmmm sorry, I didn't see anything I wanted
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