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Kerin screwed his eyes up as everyone stepped outside of the helicopter; it was wet, cold and windy. It was almost hilarious, watching everyone's hair (mainly the girls') go insane, whipping around in the wind as if they were trying to escape from the head. Marisa grabbed him and pulled her self close, shivering violently. She was in a summer dress, the girl must be frozen! Kerin quickly pulled his parka off and wrapped it around Marisa, at least covering her arms. It wasn't long though before she was hurrying off somewhere else.

"C-come on. Let's go, Kerin-sama," Kerin managed to hear over the whistle of the wind before she had disappeared and reappeared over by the guards, grabbing a umbrella and immediately opening it, which was not the best idea with this wind. Inevitably, the umbrella pulled itself inside out and began pulling the small girl along with it, before she was caught by Fang. Kerin smiled at himself and quickened his pace, grabbing an umbrella himself as Marisa thanked Fang. Opening his own umbrella against the wind, keeping it in its actual shape, he shaded himself and now Marisa, who had clung back onto him, from the rain. It didn't do a whole lot of good though, they were already quite wet. Kerin smiled as he put an arm around Marisa and the group walked inside the approaching building.

Marisa, being Marisa, was first to react, adding some wows, oohs, aahs and giggles to the crowd. She grabbed Kerin and separated themselves from it, pointing at a few things and commenting on them. Kerin nodded and smiled at her as she discarded her umbrella. And again, it did not take long before her attention was stolen by something else. Kerin turned around as Marisa did, blinking at Bernkastel as she approached them. Her eyes... they weren't red anymore. Did that mean something? It didn't really matter anyways. Though there was something weird about her; she was completely dry. Before Marisa could ask about it, Bernkastel did some weird demon magic, pulling the water out of Marisa. Kerin gave her a small "thank-you." At least now Marisa wouldn't get frostbite or pneumonia or... wait, could vampires get diseases like that? He didn't know. He blinked at her as she did the same magic on him. Ah, that was better. It was wamer, and not as disgusting against his skin. He nodded at Bern, thanking her again.

Though, what she did next was rather unexpected. Using the water she had taken from the two, she formed it into a ball and dumped it on a still kind of drugged Shiro, who looked like she almost pissed herself when the icy water hit her head. Marisa broke into a giggling fit and Kerin couldn't help but let out a laugh. She was a stupid psychotic cow (though she didn't look like it now) and probably deserved it. Too bad she wasn't fully conscious for any of it. A fight between Shiro and Bernkastel, that was something Kerin wanted to see.

"Uuu. Bern-sama? Wanna come over at... Um.... Ten tonight? We're gonna have a party!" Kerin looked at Marisa and then at Bern, who nodded in reply at the invitation. Marisa pretty much jumped on her, squealing wildly in excitement. This time, Kerin let out a hearty chuckle. Marisa was so innocent and naive and cute, it was just... it was just funny.

"We'll see you then, I guess," Kerin smiled and nodded at Bern. You know, despite how grim their outlook was, it really didn't feel like they were going to die soon. He felt good, the best he had in a while. To see Marisa smile just warmed him, he didn't need his hoodie anymore. He had wished so hard the last 3 years to have his family back and he had gotten a small portion of it back, just with a different face. He twisted his biker cuff on his wrist, the one that hid his bites. Despite his temporary family though, he missed his old one. And most of all, he missed Quinn. Maybe though, maybe if they watched the games this year, they could see him trying his hardest to get back.

"You still cold?" Kerin asked Marisa as she released Bernkastel from her terrifying grip. He still had his hoodie, the one he was wearing under his parka, which was now on Marisa.
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