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    -As I stepped out of the helicopter, I was immediately blown back in, or at least I would have been had I not grabbed the door frame. I pulled myself outside, accepting the umbrella offered to me, and an idea hatched in my brain, but I didn't allow my smirk to be seen. I made good show of trying to control the umbrella, before it was ripped out of my hand and sent flying towards that heli, and the corrupt game master. Silently hurrying on, I tried to ignore the daggar rain that seemed to have inconveniently shown up to pester us. Our building was kind of a let-down, as I had been suspecting a more grand apperence, but it looked like no one had touched the place in years.

    I turned my head slightly so that I could see the others of my race, and how far back they were, and to my slight suprise, saw that they were already at the elevator. As I walked over, I heard Fausto trying to sweetalk Nokoto, and it seemed to be working, but I could also sense a false tone in which he was speaking. As Fausto let go of her hand, he seemed to turn away and continue scowling at something. I walked past him into the open elevator, and when I was close enough, I whispered something in his ear quickly, yet his voice was stone cold "Don't say something you don't mean with your heart. I don't want anything more sorrowful than this,"I said gesturing to the situation we were in"happening while we are here, got it?"

    -Stepping past him I walking into the elevator, I waited for the rest of us to file into the elevator, then I pushed Fausto's button first with an emotionless face. He was on the second floor, I was on the 3rd, and Nokoto was 4th. As the door opened for Fausto, I shoved him a bit, and I guessed he would probably flip me off so I just leaned back and closed my eyes until the doors shut. I then pushed Nokoto's button, and just in case she asked, I said that I had something to take care of. As the door opened, he did a wide fancy gesture with both of his hands, pointing towards her door, a slight smile on my face, just for looks. When she had left, I pressed the button to go back to the ground level, slightly hoping that that helicopter and Natruo were both gone, and thankfully they were. Raike surveyed the area the best that he could in that disaster weather before spotting the Demon district building, and scowling.

    "I have to climb that thing?.... or use the elevator..." I thought as I began walking over there. I was time to pay a visit to Bernkastel...and see what those other alliances were planning, maybe even join one if he had to.-

    ((Postin for Evee))

    Chapter 3 - Nokoto - Human District


    Alright. There isn't much I get, but everyone here must be bipolar or simply crazy. To my left, I have Ryuu being extremely silent as he watches the game designer and Bernkastel. What was going through his mind? Murder, probably. He was the more stereotypical demon of the four. Honestly, he was too stupid and rash to be a threat. Bernkastel, is being friendly, but also rather mean. Does that even make sense? Well, from the way she's with the two vampires and dowsing the other named Shiro... Well, I don't know what to think. On the helicopter, she was trying to stay silent, but situations kept arising where she needed to speak. I've seen her play in the previous games, so I know most of what she is capable of. She was a definite threat, but she would probably leave the humans alone since it wouldn't effect her winning the games. But then there's Fausto. The sweet, optimistic boy from the train. He keeps contorting his face slightly as if he's in pain.

    Raike, being Raike, whispers something to him which immediately makes Fausto angered. But only for a second. He composes himself and gets into the elevator with us. The second we're at Fausto's floor, Raike shoves him out of the elevator. I sweatdrop. What the heck was going on? Like I knew. I just went with the flow. I didn't really pay much attention to Fausto's reaction, but I smiled when Raike said he had something to do.

    "Mysterious~ Don't get yourself into a mess." I warn, but it isn't much of a warning because i'm smiling. Atleast he wasn't as hostile as Ryuu.

    When I came to my floor, I gave an awkward wave, and left him be in the elevator. Great. Now what was I supposed to do? Fausto wasn't in the best mood... Jin was psychotic... And Raike was doing something shady. He'll probably come back with an injury of some sort. He was up to something sneaky, most likely... I was NOT curious enough to follow him. Sighing, I enter my new room.

    The place reminds me of a fancy hotel my former home lived beside. An expensive place with servants and all imaginable. This, was what I pictured to be inside such a place. Soft, welcoming white carpets... Creamy yellow walls... A white-framed bed with light blue blankets. Yup. Exactly so. I take my time exploring the place, because I have nothing better to do. I'm relieved not to find anything suspicious poking around. The bathroom is a blinding room of white. Within ten minutes, I'm done exploring and now tucked deep into my bed. With the lights off, I can watch the flashes of lightning bounce off my walls. I'm not hungry. Not after everything I've been through. Sleep is what I need, and sleep, I do.

    Chapter 3 - Raike Destan - Human District

    -Raike pressed the button that spelled out the name of the person he aimed to see, "Bernkastel" and silently waited until he arrived at her floor. As the doors opened, he found that she was not there. Cursing, he went over the places that she might be, and found that he couldn't think of one, since he knew nothing about her. He could just wait till she came but that would probably give her the wrong idea. What about the angels?

    He hadn't really talked to any of them on the heli ride, and for some odd reason, he was slightly concerned about Amelia, then again, he didn't feel like walking all the way there, specially in this rain. Sighing he decided to check out the training room, since he needed some practice anyway. As the elevator doors closed, his jacket was caught between the doors, he pulled on it until it came free, breaking of the zipper, which irritated him slightly. All of this, he would at least be able to take out on the training dummies or whatever they had. A tiny flame flickered on his finger, before going out just as quickly.

    Just as he was at the ground floor, he remembered something that he probably should have thought of at the beginning. The entertainment room was right above the dining hall, at least in his own district's dorm, and perhaps it would be the same with the demons. He pushed the button for the desired room, and waited with slight impatience as the elevator quickly acended the floors until it finally stopped at the entertainment room. He didn't really even want to know what "entertained" demons, so he paid little attention to those things, and headed for the steps. He cursed himself slightly for bringing metal grip bottom boots, as they slowed his progress drastically, as he wanted to make no sound.

    When he was close enough to make out the voices talking, he stopped, and sat on the steps, listening.-

    "Please, sit and eat... I would like to know your strengths so I can be a better ally to you. Since there is no one to hear, feel free to ask anything." Raike recognised that voice as one that belonged to Bernkastel. Raike guessed that she was talking to someone else, but who? Normally he would be against eavesdropping, but his life actually might depend on doing it, so in this case, he had no problem with it.
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