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    Xavier blinks when Mammon smiles at him. She was....interesting, to say the least. Well, who wouldn't be interested when she just came out of Bernkastel's blood? Honestly? "You're a smart boy. Believe or not, most in that flying death trap think I'm dead... Foolish." His eyes trail along to Bernkastel as Mammon's does. Xavier lightly takes an apple into his hand, examining it for any imperfections, then taking a bite out of it. His eyes go back to Bern a split second after. "... What Mammon is saying, is that anyone who knows Mammon is alive, will become either allies, or strong enemies. I already know the little vampire knows, but she won't be a problem. Her and those two male vampires. I'm not sure about anyone else, however. Hadn't had the means to make contact with them." Her eyes move over to him, the chocolate brown and emerald green eyes meeting. Xavier wished he could cover his pair badly. "...." Xavier continues to keep himself silent, which was an easy challenge. He still didn't quite feel very comfortable with this whole 'Communicating to others' thing. Bernkastel speaks up. "I don't like being the only one to be talking... If you think that if your silence proves capability, you're wrong. I learned that my first year here. If people know you have knowledge, they keep you around in order to obtain information."

    Xavier blinks profusely, his eyes wanting to narrow, while Xavier doesn't allow them. He didn't mean anything by being silent. Nothing at all. You know, is there anything wrong with being quiet? Not to Xavier anyway. Not at all. "Well, I will be busy most of tonight. The vampires want me to go to some... Party. Ten o'clock. And after..." .... "Fausto will die tonight!"

    Xavier hardly cared of either of those sentences. He didn't care if Fausto died, he didn't care that she was going to a party. Although...he was concerned of why SHE of all people was going to a party....But that wasn't his concern "....Is there a problem for my peacefulness...? I'm the one not causing chaos..unlike the others...One's being a guarddog, one is completely arrogant and foolish, another, or some others, were kissing a moment ago 'I believe', and almost all of them are LOUD...." He freezes. Did he...of all people...just say all that? To another person? And did he raise his voice at the end..? Even if it was only slightly, Xavier Ray Harrah, did rise his voice. What the hell was going on?! "!!!" He lowers his head to the table, his fingers on the table fiddling around with one another. "........Sorry."
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