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    G e n e r a t i o n A l l o y
    AUTHOR: [luxuriate]
    TEAM: [luxuriate]
    STATUS: [just started]


    The Kirroh region is east of and not far from Hoenn, so it consists a tropical Ruby/Sapphire feel.
    It will have diverse geographics such as a limestone plateau, a black-sand beach, a redwood forest and timberline, and a desert/canyon scenic park.
    While it has some Ruby/Sapphire Pokémon, it has mostly new-generation Pokémon that is home only to Kirroh.
    If you'll see below, it is not a particularly large Region but its oceanic expedition should be able to make up for the ride.



    While I want to imitate the Hoenn region, which will be a challenging feat, it will be set several years later with that much worth of changes.
    Rustboro City and Verdanturf Town inevitably connects, just as much as Slateport City and Mauville City do, turning the Bike Path into traffic.
    Lavaridge Town and Fallarbor Town end up laid to waste and completely charred from a volcanic eruption.
    Most Ruby/Sapphire Pokémon are here, and some, shockingly, have one more evolutionary stage.

    MAP: TBA


    Continuing past the mountains north of Kirroh region, you'd reach Tojun, a much more populated Mediterranean inland sea.
    Castle ruins, winding country roads, capped boulders and vines. It will seem refreshingly green and rural.
    Loads of items such as Berries and Pearls may be found here.

    MAP: TBA


    The main character will naturally be an aspiring Pokémon trainer.
    Male/female. I want to try for at least three different ethnicities.

    For clarity's sake, I dub example main charrie "ACE".
    ACE is as altruistic as he is into mischief, late to the world of Pokémon.
    People are astounded at how rookie he is at first, then later at how great.

    "EON" is ACE's Rival and Cousin.
    EON is an only child, terribly jealous and competitive.
    People sometimes think EON is immature, but sometimes takes pity.

    ACE has an Older Bro "JACK". (If female, Older Sis JACQUIE.)
    JACK is as diligent as he is soporific, which can amuse or annoy.
    People recognize JACK for his rivalship with DUKE. (DUCHESS.)
    DUKE is the Older Rival, contemptuous and ruthlessly strong.
    People feel threatened by his aggressiveness and keep him at bay.

    "AMY" is ACE's Aunt and EON's Mother.
    AMY is a PokéBreeder, and foster mother to any who needs one.
    People's hearts go out to her in an instant.

    "HUGH" is ACE's Uncle and EON's Father.
    HUGH is an Officer, and guardian of two towns.
    People's respect go out to him in an instant.

    STORY: (Note- graphics/tiles are temporary.)

    It begins with a bang. PROF. OAK has unfortunately passed away.
    His legacy, however, lives on in the Oak Institute, an open source and funded national organization in initiating the fellow Pokémon trainer.
    But wait! Why do we see PROF. OAK?

    It is actually a hologram of him, personified by LAB, a super computer.
    ACE makes an appointment with the Oak Institute one Town away.


    This is the house you begin in, which belongs to AMY and HUGH.
    As you can see, it is partly a home, partly a Daycare business.


    AMY tells ACE that EON also has an appointment
    and that it's a good idea the two are to go together.


    Alas, EON is not ready, nor will be, and JACK is too sleepy to go.
    So with verve, ACE sets out the door on his own.


    CORIANDER HILL is a small corner Town that is slightly bigger than your usual starter Town.
    Think Littleroot Town and Oldale Town in one, but with a foggy lake in the bottom left that leads somewhere quite special.
    Top left is the Daycare on a ledge.
    Top right is a PokéMart that was just built but not yet opened. ACE still gets a free Potion for a promo anyway.
    To the south is Route 04.


    ACE will find HUGH at the Police Station. (I know, right? About time!)
    Sub Quest: Getting the HM, Rock Smash, and it's not going to be easy.
    More will be revealed later in the next Town.

    There will be Grass but a woman will drag ACE out of there, huffing and scolding him for not being careful and directs him to the next Town.


    SAGE VALLEY is a sandy, rainy Town with a PokéMart,
    a Normal-type Gym whose leader's name is GROVER, and at last the acclaimed tourist attraction, the Oak Institute.
    To the north is Route 03 blocked by a fallen rock, but no one has the faintest clue how to get through it.
    Flashback to Route 04...
    After ACE wins the first Gym Badge does he begin to search for the HM Rock Smash in order to leave Sage Valley and truly begin his odyssey.


    Inside resembles a museum to honor the deceased PROF. OAK, with a PokéCenter on the second floor,
    and an elevator that leads to a conference room they call Orientation where ACE is given the PokéDex.
    Each Trainer is given one, hence the Oak Institute declares itself an open source to the world of Pokémon.


    ACE reaches the Basement Laboratory and meets LAB who surprises him with SIX Pokeballs with endangered, rare Pokemon in them.
    Once one is chosen and named, LAB proceeds to battle it with a Ditto.
    For now as I don't have Fakemon, Beldum is the chosen Starter Pokemon.

    Well, that's all the screenshots I have for you.
    I hope the storyline so far is satisfying enough to end here.

    The main plot would consist of quelling a war between three Regions, orchestrated by a mysterious Team ??? of terrorists,
    who strangely and brilliantly are in hiding as spies. Who do you trust?
    And that's not all, Team Aqua and Team Magma are back at their throats again, diving and mining for arcane Pokemon for global domination.
    You can actually join them, and why not, anything goes when there's espionage but you run the risk of appearing immoral to others.
    Especially your poor Uncle Hugh.

    Which is why later you're labeled traitor and banished from Kirroh region.

    The Elite Four has had enough, so they decide to summon a Tournament to see who qualifies for super-heroic Team Elite.
    And just when we've had enough Teams, there is another one!?
    Team Fuel, volunteer vigils once brutalized by evil, harrasses door-to-door for pure vengeance.



    • 8 POKEMON can be carried.

    6 MOVES can be learned.

    • 6 STARTER Pokémon.

    4 POKEMON Battle.

    • 2 NEW HMs: "DREAM" and "BOMB".

    • 5 TEAMS.

    Player gets customizable BASE,

    then develops it into customizable GYM.


    Game Freak for ‘Pokémon’

    Poccil for ‘Pokémon Essentials Starter Kit’

    Enterbrain for RPG Maker XP
    Ęℓαчиıı for the stunning, drop dead gorgeous Pokémon title logos


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