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    Originally Posted by Santuga View Post
    Well, I didn't get any bug/glitch on S.S.Anne. For now the only things I found out were not being able to run (running shoes) in the Squirtle Squad episode and on the Pokemon Island episode (the one after the S.S.Anne), Tentacruel's cry is Unown's or something.
    Giant Tentacruel and giant Onix have Unowns cry because I used empty Pokemon slots to create more powerful versions of them - unfortunately, there's no way to repoint the cries of those extra slots.

    Here's a link to an updated beta. St. Anne bug should be fixed, spelling errors as well:

    Pokemon AshGray 3.01

    ^ As I said in an earlier post, I couldn't replicate the turning Pokemon to egg error. I've had that happen to me with older versions of those scripts, though, but I haven't gotten those errors with the current scripts.

    If you come across that error in the Mewtwo Strikes Back event and/or Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden event, please post and report as many details (including full Pokemon party used and order if possible) so that I can try to replicate those circumstances. Also, try patching a different rom and see what happens.

    Thanks again for the bug reports.
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