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    Firstly, I commend you on programming an engine from scratch. Secondly, I'm surprised at how many similarities your engine has with a project I've been working on sporadically (I personally haven't made much progress with it yet, but I hope to resume it soon).
    I had no idea; never actually heard about another engine similar to ours [well there is one, but it's in C++ and has a ways to go], but then again, I do live under a rock [well, that translates to "doing a lot of programming and has little time for much else"].

    Next, when you say 'gen 5 graphics', does this include the 3D overworld and battle scene? Or do you mean the 5th gen graphical style in 2D like other games on this forum?
    3D over-world. I'm not sure about the battle scenes though.

    Finally, is there any particular reason you chose C# and XNA?
    Ease of development, and the fact that all the developers involved know C#, kind of makes it an easy pick

    I've been playing Terraria (a 2D XNA game) through a Mono wrapper on Mac OS X, as it won't run on Windows due to XNA's hardware requirements; I assume Mono is how you're planning to port to non-Microsoft platforms.
    Honestly, I didn't even know there was a Mono wrapper for XNA games...the more you know

    It was talked about porting, and while it is something we'd like to consider, as of right now with just four developers, it'll be awhile in the future before any talk of porting goes through.
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