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Originally Posted by #Emochu View Post
Keep everyone except The Troop

His backsprite is really boring.
I would have taken him out for this part but I had already played through the S.S Anne so that is why he is still in there. Also If I take him out then I wont get to use this anymore

Anyways this one is a little long but I get the S.S Anne out of the way

Part 11

Well there goes the Solid Snake approach

Oh yeah I forgot I had that.

No my good sir thank you

I can see a truck out across the water

I thought this was a party ship

Apparently the people on board want to battle

Oh so you will have some exotic Mariomon right?

Of Course

At least someone here is nice

Hey hey hey! I knocked!

Oh how dare you challenge me with these weak Mariomon

Must resist virginity joke

These ugly bastards?! I can manage them being near me but love them Hell NO!

*Zelda Item Get Noise*

Shouldn't that be classified?

The boat isn't even moving

I'm white I don't dance

I would have thought that sailors would have Mariomon from the sea not a baseball player and a bee

The Boat isn't even moving ya spineless pansy.

Then say good bye to it

No what do they say? Your not going to tell me arnt you

I need an adult


I could tell from the other sailors that challenged me

Really are you sure?


People still do that?

I have a feeling that I am going to regret this

There is no way that I am going to believe that those were fish

Just keep telling your self that

There was a party?!?

Forgot to get the screen of the other guy in the room but

What in the good name of North Dakota is that?!

Well it's dead so I don't have to look at it any more

Oh Come on! Why is he here and why is he speaking French?

I think I was

If it moves I catch it

Yeah well screw you

That's it no mercy!


When Bay Watch evolved he got spikes but yours just got feet.

You can't beat a pirate!

I have nothing to say about this one except Kill I Don't like Spiders!

Really now

And he is a captain of a boat

I want to cut you!

Once again I heard him shout "Za Warudo" and he vanished.

You've nearly filled that bucket

I did it out of pity for the old man

That is the only reason I came

Oh god dang it

Like this or this

You know the drill

Ah yes knee high trees my greatest foe

Thank you for totally telling me how to advance the plot.