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    WELCOME TO LETS PLAY POKEMON LEAFGREEN! ARE YOU READY FOR LAUGHS AND PAIN!!?!?!?!?!? RAWRSRARARARARAR! This LP is not like other LP's you have seen before. This is because:

    1. I will not use a starter!
    2. I will make the gym leaders INSANELY tough to beat, in addition to having the video of playing them at the normal level.
    3. I will not use the commonly overused pokemon in LP's.
    4. I will play on SET and not SHIFT. This makes it so you don't have the option to switch out a pokemon upon the making your opponent faint.

    If these premises sound good to you, subscribe! I will be uploading a new video every day or every other day. If you want a lot of laughs, epic battle music, and intense pokestrategy, then this is the LP for you.

    I hope you enjoyed the first video of this LP. If you liked it, comment, rate, and subscribe. I guarantee you we will have the greatest Pokemon LeafGreen journey that has ever been embarked upon.
    Let's Play Pokemon LeafGreen! Challenging Edition! HERE WE GO! The first installment in the Let's Play: Pokemon LeafGreen! Any CC is greatly appreciated and I hope you enjoy. Comments and subscribers are always appreciated but no pressure Let's Play Pokemon LeafGreen! Challenging EDITION!