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Sel watched as the Dragon Rage split through the Water Gun and frowned - that was unusual. But as she knew, Ice attacks were powerful against Dragon type attacks - would it be possible to freeze the ball of energy? It was worth a try. "Blu, use your Ice beam on that Dragon rage, and fly upwards, Horsea shoot another Water Gun at Charmeleon while Blu is busy with her Dragon Rage! Make sure you avoid Dratini Blu!" she instructed, waiting with interest to see if Charmeleon could avoid both an Ice Beam and a Water Gun with her Dragon Rage.

She noticed that Dratini had used Double Team again, how annoying. That move had wound her up something chronic last time. "Ryan, leap over the still Dratini and Thunderbolt it!" that should help them work out which one is the real one, then it would be all out offense against that one. Ryan needed to be fast, however, as Trapinch was still underground having not popped up - luckily his speed and stamina were his strongest points thought Selene as he leapt over the idle Dratini, striking out at it with his Thunderbolt.

She was right, this battle was proving to be better than their last one.
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