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Valorie grinned with satisfaction as Ryan was hit with the thunderwave. Once again the thunderbolt seemed to have only minor effect. Dratini's focus was torn between Blu and Ryan.

"Alright Dratini, crank up that double team!"

Dratini split into two again, each one moving to their respective side out of the way of Ryan's attack. Abruptly as this was happening one of the clones that was tailing Blu got in his face and pressed her nose to his beak, smiling brightly. She was obstructing Blu's vision. While she could not touch Blu physically, the clone was also not see through. Valorie looked up and resisted the urge to laugh.she found it cute. Meanwhile, a third clone came back to join the two not harassing Blu. There were four in all.

Horsea tried to flood the hole but it was already rather deep and the soil's absorbing slowed down progress. Seeing as Horsea had stopped and was no longer high in th air, after only a moment the ground nearby broke right next to Horse. Trapinch leapt out, jaws open and ready for the attack, hoping to take Horsea by surprise. It was a sound plan. After all, it left almost no time for reaction, and who would've suspected a slow ground pokemon like Trapinch to suddenly go on the aggressive on a water pokemon of all types?

Trapinch would be trying to use a bite attack. Her huge jaws were comical in appearance, but terrifying when those huge pointed teeth were aimed to clamp down on you. She had one of the stringest bites ever seen on nom-evolved pokemon. If successfull she would actually not let go, clamping down as if for dear life.

Meanwhile, three of the four Dratini were staring Ryan down as if daring him to attack.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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