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    "Vince! You scared me! I don't know, but something is out there. I can feel it. It's not just me, Thyme and Jack's Blade know it too. They almost got into a fight about it! I still say we should leave! This is too deep in the forest," he said nervously as Vince approached him. Thyme turned to glance at him and then turned away. Great, another stupid Charmeleon. What was it about her that drew them out?

    Drizzle walked over to Val. She was not having fun anymore. Battles were supposed to be fun, not push one of the humans to the brink of tears. He patted her and smiled up at her.
    "Cheer up! It's going to be fine!" Drizzle said with a smile. Duster watched him with a grin. That water type was so sweet.
    What is real? What is truth? Is it something you can touch? Can you see it? Find it? Hold it in your hands? What is true for you is not always the truth for someone else.

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