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hey neomoga! as u can see, i am also a fan of kenshin. it's just that it's hard to tell by only looking at my sig and avatar . but later today i'll change my avatar to kenshin in OVA 6 of Samurai X.

BTW, ice demon, they're not movies. they're OVA's (Original Animation Video)!and i have all 6 .OVA 1 id when he gets the first scar. the second is about him fighting and stuff (i forgot 2 and 3).OVA 3 is about him fighting and a lady(dont wanna say her name).OVA 4 is when he fights and gets his last scar. OVA 5 is about Kouru having flashbacks. and OVA 6 is about kouru being kidnapped (is also a flashback) and kenshin comes back to her (not a flashback).
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