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Though she resisted with every fibre of her being, Sel couldn't help but be impressed by Valories inventive technique, very original thinking. "Ryan, Quick Attack away from that Twister!" she shouted, desperate for Ryan to get away from the attack...but it was no use, the effects of the first battle combined with his paralysis had worn him down and tired him out too much.

Watching in horror, the twisted seemed to grab a hold of Ryan and drag him into the swirling winds, and Selene knew then that it was game over. Ryan was too exhausted, he couldn't withstand that.

"stop it! Call Dratini off!" she shouted to Valorie before running forwards, arms raised to shield her from the Twister. "RYAN, IM HERE!" she shouted loudly over the winds. As the attack dissipated, Selene charged through the remaining Twister, wincing slightly as the leftover Dragon Rage flames licked at her legs.

She found Ryan tossed to the side, staggering to his feet. As though in a final display of defiance, Ryan growled and released a weak Thunderbolt at Dratini before collapsing with a small yelp. Selene dropped to her knees beside him, scooping him up and stroking his ears with a watery smile.

"Ryan, I'm so proud of you," smiled Selene as she soothed the pokemon, his eyes closed but his breathing even - she knew he was just about conscious after fainting before. "you're such a strong little rest now, okay?" she said, iconic her head down to snuggle against his.
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