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    (OOC: lol, you're right!)

    "Dolt!" Thyme said when Jack leapt in front of her to take the hit. She was perfectly capable of dodging! She watched as Blade caught his trainer. She turned back to the Ariados.
    "I'm inclined to agree with you, but these stupid humans are my partner's friends. I think I'll have to teach you what happens when you mess with me!" she said angrily. She blasted Bullet Seed up at the Ariados, who scuttled away from the attack. She was mad now, and she pursued it deeper into the trees.

    Bri had finally ripped a hole in the web. He pulled out a pokeball and hurled it, not watching where it landed or what it sent out. He reached in again and pulled out another ball, but he lost his balence and fell. His free hand caught the branch.
    "I just managed to do something right!" he yelled in frustration. He dropped the second ball and tried to pull himself up, but he wasn't strong enough. Last time this had happened he had broken his leg! He didn't want to fall!

    (OOC: Also, you guys decide the two pokemon Bri pulled out. I have no interest in that.)
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