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This is a fan game whose origins go back at least six years. Back when I was a wee lad playing Sapphire, I came up with an idea for my first game. I wrote it up in Microsoft Word. I work on it whenever I was bored. That was the first foundation of my old game: Ruby Dagger Murders. Ideas from that game, along with Broken Beacon, Pretty Princess and Piratite, have come together to form this game: Pokémon: The Fifth Pillar (or Pokémon: The Witch's Tale - I haven't decided yet.) The story follows the tried-and-true path of the actual games: young trainer leaves hometown and encounters gym leaders, rivals and a villain looking to disrupt life in their homeland. However, I plan on expanding on that story and giving it depth that the real games have yet to touch down upon.


This is Kulema.

Up until about 600 years ago, Kulema was scarcely populated. The main islands were difficult to navigate and those who attempted usually perished. Only a select few hundred lived on the southeastern island known as Aliqua. This was no ordinary island however. Unknown to outside visitors, the inhabitants of this island had cultivated a powerful secret: they were capable of producing "magic" using the dew that formed on certain plants found across the island. By consuming this dew, the people were temporarily imbued with magical powers that they could use to perform a wide range of tasks.

Some were more adept at using the magic granted on them and rose to prominence within the society. They soon used the magic to augment the abilities of Pokémon in battle and make them stronger. People from around the world came to see the magic in action. Consequently, the population of Aliqua exploded and the island grew overcrowded. A group of powerful witches; men and women whose control over magic seemed permanent and no longer needed to consume the dew; rose up and used their magic to build massive towns faster than normal people could. Within a few years, Aliqua was a bubbling mecca of Pokémon and humans.

For about twenty years, Aliqua flourished as a magical mecca. The witches slowly took control of the government and ran it peacefully. Until one day, they overreached with their magic and caused a grand catastrophe that ruined life on Aliqua. Even with their sprawling urban mecca, there was little room for expansion on the island. The witches, looking to solve this problem, sought out a spell that would expand the island by raising land from the sea. Unfortunately, the spell went haywire and a massive fire soon swept over all of the island. People rushed to high ground with their Pokémon and hoped the fire would keep away from.

Suddenly, four powerful roars erupted from the north and four figured appeared on Aliqua's shores. Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion and Keldeo; four brave Pokémon from the mainlands appeared and the fire seemed to bow in their presence. While many perished in the initial onslaught off flames, the Four Musketeers quickly rounded up the survivors and gave them shelter. But before they could help them escape, the Musketeers sought out the Witches who were cowering in fear at their temple. Angry at causing the death of not only humans but precious Pokémon, the Musketeers told the Witches they were not allowed to leave the island. Instead, they would perish in the flames they caused. And with that proclamation, they gathered up four groups of humans and started their trek back to the mainland...

Over time, fresh memories of the Aliqua Fire began to fade. Instead, four separate settlements formed on the four remaining islands of Kulema...

Virizion took its group of survivors to its homeland, the largest island in Kulema that they soon began to call Edelstein. The people who settled here soon discovered the island was full of lush forests, caves that housed precious gems and a large river cut the island nearly in half. Wishing to forget their tragic past, they delved headfirst into establishing large cities and cultivating the resources given to them. Edelstein established itself as the economic center of Kulema and housed the largest city in new Kulema: Heimdawl. One hundred years before the story played out in this game, a group of refugees from nearby Pena established a small settlement in the north called Hugin Town and Munin Farms: the hometown of the game's protagonist. And in the lush Asgarde Forest formed Asgarde City, the gaming/entertainment hot spot.

Cobalion took its group of survivors to the northwestern island of Kulema which they named Pena. Here they discovered the secret of the magical dew: the Tree of Yggdra. Every morning the branches of Yggdra would shake and the wind would carry the dew all over Kulema. Seeing it as a sign of respect of the past, they grew to be fierce guardians of the tree and restricted access to the tree to a select few. The people adopted a garb inspired by their spiritual guides. They wore large headdressed shaped like Braviary and long cloaks decorated with Mandibuzz feathers. The colors of their outfits were gray and yellow in honor of their savior Cobalion. Ragnarof City formed on the southern tip of the island where the wealthy of Kulema would come to vacation.

Terrakion took the group of survivors who felt the most sorrow and anger over the tragedy to his home island. They christened the island Huzuni. Instead of becoming guardians or investing in wealth, the people of Huzuni sought to honor those who perished. They lived like the first settlers of Aliqua: frugally and with nature. Since the island is mostly desert, they took to forming small settlements around the oasis found throughout the desert. People did eventually settle in two cities on the island: Thorton to the north and Badonna to the south. But the majority of the island's population lived in the desert. The greatest feature found on Huzuni was the massive meteor found in the desert. Inside, it was inexplicably freezing cold, a welcome escape from the heat of the desert. It was established as a memorial of sorts to those who died.

Keldeo, the youngest and most naive of the Musketeers, took those with impure and angry souls. It hoped to take it to its small island in the middle of Kulema to help cleanse their souls. Instead, they decided to isolate themselves from the rest of Kulema. They built no ports and put up a magic barrier to prevent people from sneaking in. It wasn't until recently that the island reopened and the people of Fenris were allowed to leave for the first time in hundreds of years. Within their bubble they formed their own language and culture that varied greatly from everyone else. Their most prominent feature is the dying forest that covers most of the island (which some say proves the island was once part of Edelstein and broken off by the Musketeers to give Keldeo its own home). There is also a lake of Lava to the west that draws many visitors to it for its rare Fire-type Pokémon. Fenris Town and Ebilokii City are the two mainstays of human population on the island.


About ten years before the story of this game takes place, the Four Musketeers disappeared from the islands. They left without a word to anyone. Many feared they had disappointed them and now felt vulnerable to another disaster. Because of this, they decided to form a Pokémon League for the first time. There had been many unofficial gyms established over the years but this was the first time they registered with the Official Pokémon League in Kanto. Eight Gyms were established and named the Siegfried League. Its home base was placed in the Siegfried Plateau in western Huzuni. It was here the country's Elite Four also lived but for the most part, they remained out of the public's eye...


The story of this game begins when the public's worst fear happened. Several homes in Badonna City are attacked by a figure from the Kulema's past: the last Head Witch of Aliqua named Motema. Perplexed by the appearance of a figure that was presumed to be dead for hundreds of years, many thought it was a terrorist of sorts who based her appearance on the historical figure. Others thought she had come back from revenge on the Four Musketeers for banishing her to death on the island. No matter the circumstances, people were afraid. However, this appeared to be an isolated incident and the public soon forgot about it.

You are an eleven year old boy/girl from Hugin Town. You are descended from the original guardians of Yggdra who moved to Edelstein many years ago. Here you are given a choice of which Pokémon to raise:


Each represents a different virtue valued by the Yggdran Guardians: intelligence (Vullaby) and bravery (Rufflet). You have decided you wish to explore all of Kulema and face a gym or two. With your new trusted partner, you set out of your small, secluded town. Along the way, you'll encounter new people, Pokémon and perhaps the cause behind the Badonnan attacks.



Default name: Diane


  • Dew - Dew is basically a second "currency" within the game. By collecting Dew in your Mystic Cup, you can trade it with witches spread throughout Kulema to receive rare items or unlock traits. You receive the Mystic Cup in Legre City.
  • Traits - These will be given their own section entirely but they're basically the replacement for abilities in my game. Every Pokémon has a certain amount of slots for traits (anywhere between 1-7 slots depending on the Pokémon). Each trait takes up a certain amount of traits (0 if known naturally and between 1-4 otherwise). The whole reasoning for traits can be broken down into two points: I wanted Pokémon like Magnemite to be able to Levitate without taking away from their other abilities and I wanted people to be able to create an unique Pokémon that differed from others within its species. More info can be found here
  • Magic - As with all Kulema inhabitants, the protagonist can use magic. This feature is mostly to replace the HM feature. Using magic, the protagonist can cut through trees, move giant boulders, fly through the skies and cross the sea. There are several other practical purposes for magic but that's not what I want the focus of the game to be about.

Gym Leaders/Elite Four/Champion

These are the most prominent non-player/villains figures found in Kulema.
  • Zigsa - Ice - Legre City - Solemn Badge - TM-- (---)
  • Eusapia - Psychic - Asgarde City - Big Top Badge - TM-- (Magic Trick)
  • Mary - Normal - Heimdawl City - Cross Badge - TM-- (---)
  • Jacques - Water - Ragnarof City - Coral Badge - TM-- (---)
  • Lilith - Dark - Fenris City - Vamp Badge - TM-- (Life Drain)
  • Galileo - Fire - Ports of Glenodin - Buccaneer Badge - TM-- (Nova Burst)
  • Titania - Bug - Badonna City - Moth Badge - TM-- (---)
  • Henson - Ghost - Ebilokii City - Puppet Badge - TM-- (---)
  • Amelio - Flying
  • Ivan - Poison
  • Magnus - Rock
  • Tesla - Electric
  • Freija - Champion


  • Abnegation - For everything. Without him there wouldn't be a thread to post
  • Forgotten Memory- For helping me get Windows on my Mac and being a great support overall
  • Conan Edogawa- For the OW Map
  • Signomi for Diane's Art
  • Minezumi for Diane's sprite and all future OW sprites
  • Alexial for all of the character art

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