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    Ok so this is semi-competetive right so not too much or too hardcore. First for Shuckle yea you could give it Thunderwave but it would weaken your gyro ball since this is gen5 i assume it can learn venoshock which if the opponent is poisoned venoshock's power is doubled from 65 to 130 a powerful move after powersplit dont invest in hp the reasonn is its defenses must be prestine and leftovers need to do its job it doesnt have much in hp but thats ok they wont do much damage unless its a massive attack say a Draco meteor powered by dragon gem(lol). Overall I think it looks ready to wall almost anything.

    Salamence is an excellent choice for a mixed sweeper personally its a hit and get out kinda deal so yea thats what i think it should be anyways. Good moveset it covers alot but if an opponent might have an Ice move I definately wouldn't try using him he will be a BIG asset to your team FTW.

    Gorebyss is meh....frail and i mean that in the nicest way it has a base 105 def. I like gorebyss it was a part in my team on emerald and sapphire but its use is limited for competetive it will be a baton passer so sub may not be the best for it just because you dont want to lower you hp any for anyone else to make a priority move for a KO. I would suggest breeding for confuse ray or you might have pokesav so just hack it to it. Thats about all for this poke.

    Weavile(Revenge Killer) I love this thing give it Adamant nature not much can outspeed it and give it some high damage attacks like brick break or night slash or shadow claw, etc. do alot of damage for revenge and switch that is it's job basically. U-Turn would be good bc alot of competetive battling is predicting and switching at the right moment and of course dealing damage with U-Turn yeah can do all.

    Golduck is ok as is you can't add much only Blizzard instead of Ice Beam bc its not ingame its against your friends or foes whichever you see them as but nonetheless go for broke go big or go home. Alot of people choos high accuracy attacks I know I prefer them over the low accurate and low pp but in these battles all gloves are off, enough said its your choice.

    Braviary is Strong no denying it but I'm going to insist you give up bulk up it will just lose one turn for a potetially critical move it will give your opponent a safe switch in for just 1atk and def boost in my thats not worth a turn for a Braviary. Give it U-Turn deal some big damage on the switch when they think you are going to setup you the obvious Brave-bird and switch to something safe. lol they wont know what to do they pretty much have to switch again to recover from the last switch.

    I think I've got them all I didn't touch on items I will let someone else do that I'm good with movesets and the like not what they hold. Except give Weavile Choice-Band hit and switch good deal.


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