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Shayla has been ACCEPTED.

On other notes, I am going on vacation tomorrow. Not exactly the best timing, but eh. If someone would like to take the role of temporary GM, I would be very thankful, but it doesn't really matter. I will rather give you a gist of what the plot should follow while I am gone:

All the legendaries will meet up in Victini's home, the Lighthouse. They will enter the secret passageway that Mewtwo/Ace has just revealed, and will follow the corridor down to another, larger, more private room. This is where the several of them will discuss on what they intend to do to save Arceus, how, and how to make sure no one notices them (despite Mew's creative entry). This will also most likely lead to another plot.

I know a week is a long time, but please try to stretch this plot out for the following time while I am gone. I'll be making more plots and the sort for this RP in the meantime I promise.

So yeah, anyone up for the role as temp. GM?
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