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    Ok, after thinking I thought of something.
    After Ho-Oh and Lugia were summoned in Johto
    They flew away at high speeds. Never had there paths crossed without
    human interferance. Then one day the paths crossed they flew passed each other so fast that a huge power radiated off them and created an egg, an egg of dark rainbows. This egg hatched into a new legendary Pokémon, Shaderain. Shaderain was a powerful pokémon. Rumours have it that it could take Arceus down. Shaderain has so much power it found a empty void and threw all it's power into the void. The void then became a world on which Pokémon and Humans lived side by side. mAfter this world was created 7 feathers from Shaderain's wings fell down and were hidden across this new world , in fear that one day they would be needed to save the world in near future...
    It uses ho-oh and lugia. If it makes you all happy. And I'm kinda proud of it. :L

    The intro to the game!
    Based on the new story I did (the audio didn't record so I put some different out of game music in).
    And I'm aware of the grammar erros spelling mistakes and cut off words-.-
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