Thread: [HGSS] Rate my HG dream team!
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For Lapras, go with the following moveset:

Two STAB attacks in the form of Blizzard and Surf, along with Thunderbolt and Psychic to get wider type coverage. You'll hit a lot of types super-effectively with this set.

As far as a final pokemon, how about a physical attacker. If you have 2 DSs and a second HG/SS/D/P/Pt game, try Scizor with the Technician ability.

Try this moveset:
-Bullet Punch
-Swords Dance/Roost
-Brick Break/Night Slash

STAB + Technician makes Bullet Punch a 90 Base Power Steel version of Quick Attack. You have a secondary STAB in the form of Technician-boosted U-Turn or X-Scissor. Swords Dance can raise Scizor's Atk stat making it's physical attacks even more effective. Or you can trade over a second Roost TM from another game to be able to heal off Hail damage. Brick Break or Night Slash in the final slot.

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