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Cool title, amirite?
Here we go again. I've lost count how many threads I've made, but hopefully I'll keep this one organized and what-not. Anyway, I guess I'd better start with an introduction. As you can see, my username is Retribution, although I've been Espeon~ and Superjub in the past, Superjub being the username I signed up with. I've had multiple sprite threads, and I believe I have improved, thanks to constructive criticism and many, many attempts. So yeah, enough about me. Behold my art (what? Someones gotta make it seem amazing. )

Gotta' Fake Em' All

* "W" indicates it is a WIP/will be replaced with an improved sprite. I'll probably be completely revamping the layout soon.

Hey! Don't turn your back on me!
Chinder's Backsprite
Mentock's Backsprite
Snurish's Backsprite
Toddlow's Backsprite
Stott's Backsprite
Tungtoad's Backsprite
Disklet's Backsprite
Dafro's Backsprite
Un-named Rodent's Backsprite (suggestions welcome)
Flugg's Backsprite
Magmug's Backsprite
Terragon's Backsprite
Psycock's Backsprite
Pumpkini's Backsprite
Hecter's Backsprite
Amorial's Backsprite

Trainer Sprites
"I like shorts! They're comfy and easy to wear."
A rival.
The first gym leader. She uses normal types. (3rd-gen sprite and old VS. Sprite)
A student.
Updated Norina VS. Sprite
4th gen Norina Sprite
Solana- Ghost-type Gym leader
Leader Arc- Ice Type Gym Leader
(4th gen) Norina Overworld Sprites (front and back)

Other Pokémon Stuff
>Insert Witty Pun here<
A Mew Revamp from Pokemon Silver
Crescent Island, a map for my ROM hack that'll probably never see the light of day.
Some items. I'll probably add some more later, as long as I don't forget.
Some pixel art based on Fangrow.
More pixel art based on Fangrow- isn't he popular? XD This time it's a mugshot.
An avatar used on DeviantARt. it seems popular there (-ish), so I thought I'd showcase it here. :D
A Marowak retype (to the Steel type.) :D
Lizleaf, the grass starter- not currently int eh FakeDex.
A Black/White styled version of the pot dragon/dinosaur. :D A limited palette version was entered into a competition here at PC and came second IIRC.
Lizleaf's Overworld Sprite
Some more Fangrow pixel art.
Even more Fangrow/Snurish pixel art.

Other St00f
Badges that I was going to use in my ROM hack. They are:
Regal Badge: Shaped like a crown; normal-type.
Berg Badge: Shaped like an iceberg; ice-type.
Dirt Badge: Shaped like a spade/shovel; ground-type.
Spirit Badge: Shaped like a grave; ghost-type.
Gear badge: Shaped like a... gear XD; steel-type.
Dusk Badge: It's meant to be a crescent moon covering a sun; dark-badge.
Myth Badge: It's a dragon wing; dragon-badge.
Dun, dun, dun, duuuuuuuun! ;D
Just something I'm quite proud of. Made to celebrate Christmas, obviously.
Pinkie Pie cutie mark traced/re-shaded.
Rainbow Dash's cutie mark traced/re-shaded.
Isometric robot comparison
Isometric Inn
(SCRATCH) Majora's Mask pixel art- not traced or anything like that.
Here is a lot of stuff I've done in the past.

So yeah, that's it, really. Give credit if you use anything, don't steal and constructive criticism is welcome. Thanks for looking at my thread. Also, I'll try and update more this time around.
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