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Tip for spell casting in Pottermore:

The directions on how to cast a proper spell only state that you use the first letter of the spell in order to cast it, which usually leads you to the second letter - if you hit it right, sometimes it takes you to the third - but it doesn't state that you also have to do that for the other letters as well. The spell goes around the letters on the screen, starting from the first and ending at the last letter of the spell shown on the screen (since the spells don't use all of the letters from the spell to dictate how powerful it is). Your goal is to make it to the end of the incantation. To do this, you'll need to follow the directions shown before you start practising spells and apply them to all the letters. Make sure the circle is at the largest point when you hit the key or click the letter again for maximum spell potency.

I felt this should be somewhere so that people wouldn't sit there wondering why they weren't getting the spells right like I did for two days. x___x