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Valorie flinched, a bit startled by Gengar's prank herself. It was a loud noise. What could she say. Regardless. She had been asked if she had a better plan. Valorie just sort of looked at Mesprit for a moment. Did her newest pokemon friend have a plan? Mesprit just sort of returned Valorie's gaze silently. She'd have to take that as a no. Valorie turned her attention back to Adriane.


She supposed fighting was not the worst backup plan. To an angst teen like Valorie though, it seemed like fighting would be inevitable. After all, the legendary pokemon simply believing them was too good to be true, right? She silently wondered if Adriane had some special ability to talk to pokemon, judging from the obvious. Was that a power she had? She certainly hadn't understood her pokemon. Though, today wasn't exactly a normal day. It had been full of weirdness. After a moment Valorie decided there was a better question to ask. Who were they sending? After a moment though she decided that was probably something she could ask when the time came. For now, they had business to attend to.

"Alright... What should I do?"

Mesprit looked up from her thoughts. It was time for them to try and actually accomplish something. She had been observing Valorie, expertly monitoring her reaction to having been united with the other humans. She seemed more at peace with herself now. Mesprit supposed it was the nature of all humans. Many tried to fool themselves into thinking they were loners but that just wasn't the emotions they had been blessed with. She had had a feeling this would work. Yet the long term effects were hard to say. Sure, she could figure out the easy way, yet that in itself could have negative effects of it's own. For the time being she deigned to allow Valorie to handle the stress of the situation on her own.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~