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    An Underground_Zephyr Production
    Hello, this is a RP The Will Of One Man Causes His Death, rated M.

    The Will Of One Man Causes His Death:

    It is the year 2015. It seems that a world war is looming amongst the citizens of Earth. A Revolution that took place in Russian during the year 2014 has left a crazed radical by the name of Dmitri Krutov in charge of the World's Largest Country, Russia. In his eight month reign, Krutov has spread his influence wide, sending enormous military might to conquer near by countries such as Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Mongolia, Belarus, Lithuania and has many more on his mind, including the United States and the country just above the states, Canada. The world has been plunged into chaos, war and uncertainty. But of course the States, fearing for their safety, have been collaborating with Canada and the United Kingdom on how to deal with Krutov. After the meetings and discussions had been completed, the National leaders had agreed on an idea: an Elite top-tier task force designed to track down and eliminate the powerful and elusive Dmitri Krutov before the world is plunged into a wide-scale war. This team is to be known as the Echo Team, and it has one function: kill Dmitri Krutov.

    Your Role:

    You are a soldier hand-picked to be involved with the Echo team and it's goals. Your actions will shape the future of the world. In other words, the world is in your hands.


    1. I am the GM and my word is law.
    2. I will NPC Krutov, the leader of the team, and the CIA.
    3. I decide where you will be sent, and what equipment you will have other than your standard equipment.
    4. No God-modding or I will F*** you up.
    5. No Bunnying unless permission is given
    6. Be active. If you cannot do so, let me know.
    7. Remember, this RP is M rated. Keep it that way, and don't break PC rules.
    8. Follow all standard PC and RP rules.
    9. Remember, you have to be tactical. No one-man army God/Jesus etc....
    10. Have fun!


    Age: (25+)
    Gender: (Male/Female)
    Personality (one paragraph):
    History (one paragraph):
    Appearance (one paragraph/Picture):
    Role (Sniper/Marksman/Rifleman/CQB):
    Others: (anything not mentioned above?)
    Weapon/Equipment (Must relate to your role):

    Spots Available:

    Sniper: (x2)
    Marksman: Reserved for EliteKiller
    Rifleman: (x2), Reserved for SuperVegeta
    CQB: (x1)
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