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    Name: Justin Stevens

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Dorm: Entei Dorm

    newtrainersdm5.png (the trainer on the left) Justin is very casual when it comes to his personal appearance, and can always be seen wearing jeans and a t shirt, regardless of the conditions. He prefers darker colors, showing his desire to blend in rather than stick out of a crowd. He has glasses, but rarely wears them in favor of contacts.

    Personality: Justin isn't exactly what one would call a social beautifly. He never enjoyed socializing and engaging in petty small talk, so he has never been close to many people. However, this is merely by choice, as he can be friendly and interactive when he chooses to be. In general he likes to keep to himself in any desolate secluded spot he can find. He is very cheerful, and doesn't have much of a temper, believing that most arguments that people get into are over trivial things. Considers himself a "doomed romantic" of sorts, as he is very caring and desires love, but detests the amount of social interaction it would take to form such a relationship.

    Aside from training and relaxing with his pokemon, Justin's main hobby is outdoor exploration. He loves the rush he gets from discovering some long forgotten grove in the middle of a forest, or a cave hidden behind in a cliffside. The first thing he does when he arrives at a new area is go searching for spots like this, where he spends the majority of his free time. He is only truly happy when he is it total seclusion from the outside world, alone with his thoughts and the quiet tranquility that nature provides.

    History: Justin grew up in Azelea Town in Johto, the son of a teacher at the local trainer's school. His mother died shortly after he was born, and as a result, he has no memories of her. His father once attempted the Johto League challenge, but could never make it past 6 badges, and eventually gave up after repeated defeats at the hands of the Olivine gym leader of the time. He wasn't willing to give up Pokemon entirely however, and became a teacher to help the younger generation better understand the mysteries of Pokemon.

    Justin grew up living the standard life of anyone from a rural town. He spent most of his time outdoors, enjoying the wide forests and mild climate of the Azelea Twon area. Around the age of 13, he began to show an interest in Pokemon training, and asked his father to teach him everything he knew.

    His father was very supportive of his ambitions to become a trainer and, when he deemed Justin ready, gave him the Scizor that had been his favorite and most powerful pokemon during his adventure. As a result, Justin quickly gained an affinity for steel type pokemon, and it wasn't long before he caught one of his very own.

    Justin spent his first few months of being a trainer wandering around southern Johto before deciding that he wasn't truly ready to be independent as a trainer. Hearing about the new school being opened by the prestigious Gary Oak, he immediately applied, hoping to learn the intricacies of being a pokemon trainer from one of the foremost minds on the subject.

    Species: Scizor
    Personality: From the time Justin's father hatched it from an egg to the day decades later when Justin received it as his first pokemon, Scizor has been attached to his family. As a result, it is very protective of Justin, and attacks anything that it perceives as a threat to him. Scizor is very stoic and alert, never willing to let it's guard down or relax.
    Lvl(Max 20): 20
    Moveset: bullet punch, meteor mash, x scissor, quick attack, metal claw, pursuit

    Species: Magnemite
    Personality: Magnemite, Justin's most recent addition to the team, has very little in terms of personality. It likes to float around in random patterns, buzzing in what one could assume would be contentedness. It enjoys solitude, and generally wanders off to be on its own when not called upon in a battle.
    Lvl(Max 20): 13
    Moveset: volt switch, flash cannon, thunder wave, iron defense, thundershock

    Species: Gastly
    Personality: Gastly was Justin's first catch, found in the midst of his trainer exploring an abandoned mansion deep in the woods. It is usually very mischievous and lighthearted, but can be downright spiteful and unforgiving if it feels it has been wronged.
    Lvl(Max 20): 15
    Moveset: hypnosis, ominous wind, hidden power (bug), sludge wave