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You don't need to read the whole story if you don't want to, silly! Currently the entire school is meeting at the pier outside the school. Basically, a couple of students were battling it out there while they're waiting to take a boat back to mainland for a field trip.

If you want you can have your character be there. Characters are just stuck hanging out until SelenaStar moves us onto the boat. She's organizing the field trip.

Basically? To sum up what happened at the pier so far. Selene Evans was defeated by an NPC girl from Suicune dorm because that NPC is part of a group of elitists who doesn't like people in Suicune dorm hanging out with the lower dorms. Then, a hipster named MacKenzie Quinn ran up to the girl who'd just defeated Selene, offered to heal her pokemon, and then proceeded to beat said girl with severely underleveled pokemon. Mainly due to their stragetic movesets. She then took on a suicune dorm boy who came to avenge the honor of the girl she'd just defeated, mainly by abusing attract.

Also, after beating said boy, she totally used attract on him because he was really mad that he had lost. Basically? She told him to kiss her butt without realizing he'd do what she said, and so that happened in front of most of the school just now.

There are also several other player characters that haven't made it to the pier yet or are hanging around the pier. If you want to know where any one person is, feel free to ask. So yeah. That's where we are. xD

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~