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    Josh watched as the last of the guards fell before him, the end result had been the group managing to defeat fifteen guards and two dragons. It just showed the power of teamwork at its finest.

    A small movement touched the edge of Joshs eye, so he drew his gun and quickfired at his target.

    A groan and squeal came followed by the clatter of metal and the sobbing of a child.

    Josh walked towards his "enemy" to see a small, eleven year old boy fallen on the ground, a bullet hole in the back of his leg.

    His face was written with fear and denial, with the smallest ammount of resignment to his fate. His face was covered in bruises and he had scars on his arms and ripped leather clothes and shoes.

    He had a shaved head with black stems all over. His large blue eyes were wet with tears. This boy was the worst and most cruely treated of slaves, this boy was a slave deemed so insignificant he bore the title "Nothus" the latin for "mongrel".

    Josh however had no such knowledge of titles and names, however it was obvious that this boy was... extremely mistreated.

    "What is your name boy?" Josh tried to say as nicely as he could, taking another step towards the boy, the boy tried to move away but his wound prevented him from doing so.

    "M....My" The boy seemed confused, nobody had ever asked his name before, he had simply been refered to as nothus.

    "Yes, you know, name. The title given to you by your parents." Josh said. he himself confused by the boys own confusion.

    "My... My name is Ridain... Benjamin Ridain..." The boy looked afraid into Joshs eyes, he wondered if this answer had pleased him.

    Josh let out a big beaming grin.

    "Well Ben, Is it alright if I call you Ben?"

    Benjamin gasped and looked at Josh in shock. Someone had asked him for... permission? This was so new to the boy, this man, his "enemy" as the guards had called him, was showing him more kindness then anyone ever had...

    "O..Of course you may sir." Benjamin said bowing his head.

    Josh made a sympathetic smile.

    "Hey, you know technically Im a familiar... so we're both of the same rank. There's no need to call me sir."

    Benjamin didn't know what to say, he was being treated equally? He had expected death from this man and yet...

    Benjamin burst out into tears and Josh put his hand on his shoulder.

    He quickly ripped an already torn piece from his shirt and wrapped it around Benjamins wound.

    "Sorry about that... by the way you can call me Josh Benjamin, just thought Ishould get that out of the way."

    Benjamin shook his head.

    "No, No! Master Josh mustn't be so kind, I am the nothus! I should be apologizing for putting you through the trouble of shooting me."

    Josh burst out laughing.

    "Don't be so stupid Benjamin! Apologizing for next to no reason like that! I don't know what a nothus is so.... Oh!" Josh stopped, it seemed Benjamin had passed out from blood loss.

    Josh picked up the little boy and carried him back to the group.

    Emil immediately recognised the ruined clothes and shaved head.

    "What is that thing you have servant! Have you brought it to me to finish off?" Emil said his hand sliding to his sword.

    Josh shot Emil a glare of total hatred.

    "This thing is a little boy, who was tortured and mistreated by our enemies for quite some time I would assume! So you'd better shut your trap before I shoot your head!" Josh was serious this time.

    Emil grumbled but kept quiet.

    "At any rate I don't think any of us are in the humour of talking in the open with the sun setting on the horizon." Josh stated.

    It was true the orange glow of the evening was beginning to set in and the group headed into a small forest nearby and prepared a campfire within a nearby cave.

    Josh sat by the campfire with the secretary, he had putten Benjamin in a small pile of leaves he had gathered and was letting him rest.

    He turned to the secretary.

    "So what are you doing here?" He said.

    "I've been meaning to ask you... but obviously I haven't had the time."

    The secretary smiled.

    "Once I heard you had set out I requested the headmasters permission to come and aid you and well... he agreed."

    Josh had a plain expression on his face.

    "Oh... well then, if you're going to be coming with us then I should at least know you're name." Josh said.

    The secretary contemplated, as if wondering wether to reveal her identity.

    "My name... is Adriel Naori." she said a small ammount of guilt on her face.

    Adriel was a young woman at the early age of twenty-three with ears folded back and covered beneath her hair, as if purposely hidden. She had round chocolate brown eyes and a small pointed nose, her lips were full and she wore a green combat top with green camo pants, probably her normal attire for combat, much different from the gown she wore in her office. Her bow was finely made, carved into an elegant form with perfect light birch wood. The arrows were made from sticks of a similar wood type, fine silver heads and brightly coloured feathers on their ends, all stored in a fine leather quiver.

    "Hmmm... well in any case thank you Adriel." Josh said.

    Adriel smiled.

    "It was no trouble, I would have come with or without the headmasters permission, I couldn't bear to see our Princess' hurt." A flash of guilt crossed Adriels face.

    The two sat by the campfire and thought.

    Enil sat near the back of the cave and eyed Benjamin suspiciously. He turned his head around to Kenna who was near him.

    "What do you make of this... boy?" He asked.
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