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    Kiroku checked out the bandages his mage gave him, and nodded to himself. Potions? Now things were getting cooler. Maybe he'd try and take up potion brewing when Miharu had classes that he didn't have to attend (assuming he had to attend some). Then again, how likely was it that he'd be allowed to apprentice if he had the opportunity to? Oh well, he'd learn it in secret if he must. Having someone there to brew different potions could be a very great asset to them all. First the girl, then the boy, and now the princess being captured? This world was going to bring them all down a rocky path.

    There was no need to speak up about his opinion about the boy, because Miharu put it perfectly. Especially the spy part. Not even he saw when that boy appeared in the scene, but it was kind of random. Too random to be just a coincidence. But what evidence was there to charge him as anything but a mistreated boy shot in the leg? At least Miharu took care of his injuries. She has a kind heart, Kiroku thought as he walked over to her.

    "You should remind me to ask permission to study potions when we get back to the school. It might be a good idea to have people in our group of Earthings and Magi who know how to make remedies," Kiroku said as he sat down next to his mage, "And it would be nice learning about something in this new world other than combat." And then his eyes rested on the secretary. She probably remembered his outburst and might ignore him for a little bit, but at least she was around. Something told the boy that they might need all the help that they can get. "Oh, and I can take the watch until we're ready to move out."

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