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Vrai - Thanks pal, yeah Captitive is just a waste of a move slot, so what i am thinking is a double status instead, Toxic, Protect/Flamethrower, Solorbeam, Will o Wisp, Tyranitar would surely be crippled with burn, but with all the lum berry users these days, maybe another solution? I think Ninetales would be a better lead with its ability anyhow, good special defence and speed, so i will experiment online with a ev spread of 252hp 200 SpD 56 Spe with it, I will also use a ev spread of 252 SpA and Spe.

Snaggle, i love your avatar haha, and admiration, Cradily is actually a very underrated wall, especially the fact he can duel barrier and recover, or lay stealth rocks, or even be decent on a bulky offence!

Anyway onto subject, I do agree with you so will experiment the sets i stated above, if it all works well i will see if i can clone for you lot to try yourselfs, if its possible to clone that is!
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