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    Dragon’s Breath
    Rated: T (For violence, blood, and romance)

    There was once an egg. An egg that came into a world of wonder and strange magic. But this egg was no ordinary egg, for it would bring two warring races to come to peace. The egg hatched for a boy, and from that egg came a dragon. This dragon was hatched in a time of war, where dragons were at war with the elves and humans. The boy pitied the small dragon however, and instead of killing it, he raised it in secret. Once the dragon had grown, the boy and dragon showed themselves to the races, and the two sides of the war came to peace because of the dragon from the egg.
    And thus was born the Dragon Riders.

    Hundreds of years later, all three of the races have grown strong and profitable under the watchful eye of the dragon riders, who have been keeping the peace ever since the last Dragon War. Tensions have been growing lately, due to the fact that human settlers have been moving closer and closer to the mountains where the dragons dwell in search of more land and precious ores. The land that the humans are seizing is taking away from the dragons hunting grounds, and prey is slowly becoming scarcer for the dragons.
    It is inevitable that violence will break out by now. Our story picks up only afew weeks after a group of dragons ambush a group of humans and elves meeting to discuss a trade proposal and an extension to their allegiance to each other. Among the group are the human King’s son, Drake, and the elf King’s daughter,Lirael. Few soldiers escape the ambush, and when the soldiers return the next morning, soldier’s bodies litter the ground. They are unable to find the bodies of the Prince and Princess however,and assume that they have been kidnapped by the dragons. They group quickly spreads out and carries the news across the land until it reaches the ears of the leaders of all the races.

    Both the elves and humans are enraged by this, and immediately demand that the Prince and Princess be returned immediately unharmed. The dragons deny all knowledge of the event. The Humans and Elves then declare war upon the dragons,and the dragons declare war on both the elves and humans. The Dragon Riders attempt to intervene, but are quickly pushed aside in the anger of all three races. Now war has broken out, and the dragon riders are caught in between the battle lines.

    But unknown to all, darker powers are at play…..

    You will be one of three sides, the Humans/Elves,the Dragons, or the Dragon Riders.

    Humans/Elves (4 Positions, 2 humans and 2 elves)
    As a human/elf, your job is to combat the dragons. The King is sending a group of four soldiers, two elves and two humans, into the mountains to conduct a raid on the dragons in their caves. Both humans and elves are capable of using magic, although elves are faster and stronger than humans.
    Dragons (4 positions)

    As a dragon, your job is to conduct raids on human and elf cities, as well as keep a lookout for human or elf raiding parties trying to invade the mountains of your home. As a dragon, you can breathe fire and fly (obviously).

    Dragon Riders (4 Positions)

    Being a dragon rider will be the hardest for a roleplayer to play as, so you have been warned. Only the best applications can get this position. By being a dragon rider, you will have to choose for yourself which side your allegiances lie with, and help them. You will also have to dig deeper into why the dragons attacked the human platoon in the firstplace. Also by being a dragon rider, you will have to control 2 characters, the rider and the dragon. They can communicate through their mind, much like the Eragon series.


    1. No Godmodding/ Bunnying: No making other people’s characters do things or OHKO or perfect accuracy or anything. It’s not nice and makes a roleplay less fun.
    2. Post at least two times a week, although more is preferable.
    3. On the flip side, don’t post so much that people can’t keep up. Remember, Roleplays are for entertainment.
    4. Don’t double post, unless a post is too long to fit in one post.
    5. Romance is allowed, but let’s keep it at T please.
    6. Keep the swearing to a minimum. A good roleplayer can get their point across without swearing!
    7. Keep the gore to a minimum as well. Some blood is ok, but no guts and gore.
    8. Have Fun!
    Sign Up:
    Weapon of Choice:
    Personality (The longer the better, but at least 4-6lines):
    History (Same as Personality):
    RP Sample (Or other sample):

    Personality (At least 4-6 lines, preferably more):
    History (Same as personality):
    RP Sample:

    Dragon Rider
    (Provide info for both dragon and rider or write 2 applications for both characters)
    Personality (At least 4-6 lines):
    History (Same as personality):
    RP Sample:

    When writing your applications, please put some time and effort into these. Remember that only the best will be picked once applications are filled up.
    Sample/My Character
    Dragon Rider

    Name: Alanea Vesica (Elf) and Smaug (Dragon)
    Age: Alanea- 42 Smaug- 34
    Gender: Alanea - Female & Smaug - Male


    Alanea is a spirited elf who believes firmly in right and wrong. She is young in elf standards, and does lack some of the experience that her elders have. Because of this she can sometimes be a bit naïve. She was raised as a spellcaster, and likes to think things through before springing into action, so she greatly dislikes it when she is not making the plans. Alanea can think on her feet when the time calls for it however. Often a though will cross her mind, and she will stare into space, deep in thought, much to the annoyance of all who try holding a conversation with her. Overall, she is a spirited young elf who enjoys good company and thinks things, through sometimes too much.

    Smaug is the exact opposite of Alanea. While Alanea likes to plan things through, Smaugh prefers to jump right into the action without any thought of a plan at all. He has a relatively shor tattention span, not being able to focus on anything for more then a few moments. Although he has a short attention span, he is actually quite smart,and does enjoy an engaging conversation, especially with Alanea. Smaug can’t seem to sit still very long as well, which has caused problems with stealth missions in the past. All in all,Smaug is the perfect companion for Alanea, being almost her opposite.
    Weapon: Alenea prefers to use a bow, although she does have a small sword that she keeps with her.

    Alanea was born in the capital of the elves as the daughter of a powerful spellcaster. Her father taught her for the first ten years of her life in the ways of magic. Upon turning ten, as was the custom at the time, she was tested to see if she if she was capable and worthy to be a dragon rider. Upon completing and suceeding in the test, she was given a dusky colored dragon egg, which promptly hatched into a small dragon hatchling. For the next eight years, she and the dragon, who she named Smaug, trained in the ways of the dragon riders. On her eighteenth birthday,she passed the dragon rider exam with flying colors and became a full-fledged DragonRider. She quickly became well known as a skilled spellcaster and tactician.The recent events have greatly disturbed her, and she denies to believe that the Dragons would attack the other races. She now searches for evidence to prove that it was a mistake so that the war can be ended.

    Smuag hatched for Alanea when she was ten, and he has almost never left her side since. As he grew, he learned thea rts of dragon warfare as well as how to function with Alanea smoothly as a pair. It quickly became evident that he had a short attention span, which greatly annoyed his teacher and Alanea. Although inattentive, he had natural skill in functioning with Alanea, and with her help, he managed to pass the Dragon Rider test along with Alanea, making the pair an official Dragon and Rider. The recent turn of events saddens Smaug, and he now looks for evidence to clear his race’s name.

    RP Sample:
    Taken from the Pokemon Odyssey 2
    Character: Silver
    He had stalked his prey for a few hours now, the time all blending together making it seem both like ages and like ablink of the eye. Silver had found the scent back at the river that ran through the cavern, and it had led to here. He had always been a good tracker, and that was coming in handy right now as he swept his eyes from one side of the smallcave to the other. The scent had branched off from the main fighting cavern and gone off into a side cave that turned and twisted for what must have beenmiles, but here the scent was freshest, and could not have been more that a few minutes old.

    Silver scanned the cave from his hiding spot for the third time, trying to spot any evidence of his target. If he had been back in the Alpha Alliance, he would have rushed in without hesitation, as few could stand up to a member of GoldTribe. But here, every fighter in the tournament was chosen because of their strength, and usually more than just that. So, was he just getting closer to his enemy, or was the enemy lying in wait for him, waiting to ambush him.

    Silver thought for a moment about his options, and what he had learned so far about the enemy. The scent he had picked up was definitely bug, and it had been relatively fast. The absol had to run at some points to keep up with it instead of sticking to the shadows like he normally did. He had also smelled and seen droplets of venom at some points, so it was probobly a poison type as well. He searched his memory, trying to recall any of the contestants in the arena thatwould match the description. The only one that he could remember had been a Scolipede...

    He smiled, Scolipedes took extra damage from psycic moves, and just happed to have psyco cut. Well then, he thought lets go trip the trap. He cautiosly creeped into the room, keeping his ears and eyes open for any movements or sounds. He moved to the center of the room, waiting, then spun around quickly to see the monstrous form of a pokemon behind him. He grinned inwardly as he saw that he was correct, that it was an ambush and that he was facing a Scolipede. After hardly a millesecond of satisfaction, he lept out ofthe way of the charging bug pokemon, which kept going and crashed into a rock. He quickly sent out two psyco cuts and a dark pulse at the beast while it was stunned, but it did not seem to do a lot of damage to it. Not that Silver was surprised, all the players in the tournament could probobly take lots of pain, and a few attacks was not going to stop this beast. The Scolipede continued to charge him time and time again, while Silver harrased it with both his moves and claws.

    After a few minutes of this, the Scolipede changed strategies, and used the move steamroller, rolling up the wall onto the cieling, then back down the other wall and into Silver before he had time to get out of the way, throwing the Absol against the opposite wall, temporarily stunned. The Scolipede took advantage of the opening and charged once again, this time mercilously stabbing Silver with it's horns, poisoning him. Silver quickly used a combination of psyco cut and dark pulse to blast the other pokemon away, and got up shakily, the poison already taking effect in his system. Realising that he did not have much time before the poison would really kick in, he changed tactics, launching dark pulse after dark pulse through the room. causing it to shudder and shake.As he saw cracks forming on the walls and cieling, he dashed out of the room,just as the cieling collapsed behind him, cushing the wailing Scolipede behind him.

    He ran on shaky legs for a mile or two before resting and taking stock of his injuries. He had various scrapes and bruises, but the only major wound was where the Scolipede had stabbed him with it's horns on his left sholder. He could feel it stinging from the poison and a small amount of pus was oozing outof it.

    He slowly made his way back to the main cavern, and just as he did, there was a large explosion on the other side of the large cave. He squinted, trying to see what had happened, but was unable to because of the distance and dim light. He crept around the edge of the cavern, staying in the safety of the shadows,trying to find out what happened, when he saw a pokemon walking straight forhim. He tensed up, readying himself if battle was necessary, then relaxed againas he realized it was one of the keepers.

    The hooded Kabutops called to him "The battle is over, you may come back to the portal now."

    Silver hesitated for a moment, then walked out of the shadows towards the ancient pokemon. He started walking back to the portal, then stopped and asked "What happened over there with that big explosion?"

    The Kabutops smiled and said "A graveler who was about to die used selfdestruct and tried to take his opponent with him. Unfortunately he failed, and the other pokemon managed to survive. Although, there was quited a bit of damage to the arena." Then the ancient pokemon smiled and walked away, probobly to go gather the rest of the contestants.

    Silver shuddered. Unfortunately? Wow, some real nice people here. He shook his mind and quickly limped to the river, where he dipped his shoulder in an attempt to clean out the poison before heading back to the portal. He stood at the glowing doorway for a moment, looking back into the cavern, before stepping into the glowing light.

    He stepped out on the other side and shook his head. Those portals gave him a strange feeling in the head, kind of like when at parties when you suck all the helium out of a balloon.

    He looked around, searching for the other Gold Tribe members, finding most of them standing together, as well as a small Buizel. He walked over to them, weaving through the smaller than earlier crowd of pokemon. He cleared his throat and said "Well, looks like most of us made it through the round.Any news from the others yet?"

    Positions Available
    Elves/Humans (4 positions, 2 of each): Garet (Jamal Kifius), Daginja (reserved), Raikiri (Sir Siegfried Wagnar)
    Dragons (4 Positions): Godzil (Praxis), Charzeon (Baiyon), CyBestSaber (reserved)
    Dragon Riders (4 Positions): Nideous (Lika Forbin/Azure), Xulgon Pyro (Xoxxa and Xgok), Fortworth96 (Reserved)

    Roleplays I'm In:
    Pokemon Odyssey: A New Beginning
    Atlantis Arising
    Disease Deoxys
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