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Originally Posted by vaporeon7 View Post
Assurance will do double damage if the target of the move has already been damaged that turn. This commonly happens in double battles, where your other Pokemon may hit the opponents and then you use Assurance on the same Pokemon to get the boost. Payback does double damage if you attack after the opponent.
So in single battles, the only way to get the double damage with either of these attacks is to attack second?
Originally Posted by Forever View Post

Well, prior to generation 4, all psychic attacks were special, but not it relies specifically on the attack itself. So if you were to use Zen Headbutt, a physical psychic attack, the power would come from its attack stat, rather than its special attack stat, while if you used Psyshock, while it is special in nature, it actually uses the opponent's defense stat to determine the power, which is an advantage if they're fighting a special attacker, which usually invests in special defense and therefore an attack attacking their defense would be stronger, if that makes sense. In other words, yes it based upon the attack entirely and not the type.
Ack, they've made this so confusing. This means I need to look up every move online before I know if I want my given Pokemon to have it.

Thanks for the help both of you.
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