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    Name: Philip Nolan

    Age: 30

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Unlike other police officers, Philip always wears a dark blue pinstripe suit, and a wide brimmed hat of the same color of his suit. Another thing he’s usually seen wearing is a black shirt, black leather gloves and a purple tie. He has several "copies" of this outfit at his place, and he'll sometime wear some dark glasses to make him look more shady. His face, the only part of his body not covered in clothes, looks like this:


    He keeps is badge and ID in one of the many pockets of his coat, and in another one he always keeps a pack or two of cigarettes -in fact, he is almost always seen smoking. In yet another pocket he carries two guns, which he'll only use when he finds it necessary.

    Personality: Phil’s upbringing left him with resentment towards mankind, believing everyone is evil. This goes for fellow policemen, and because of this he managed to switch partners 7 times in less than a month. But because of this idea that’s stuck in his hard head, he will have no regret when it’s time for him to arrest someone, and will show no mercy at all.

    Phil believes "the ends justify the means", as it has proved useful to him when he had to catch some Rocket runners or associates. This, added with some determination to get things done his way, can make him somewhat of a loose cannon. Many of those who have to be interrogated by him choose to say everything before he gets mad, as many people in the criminal underworld know about the way he is and consider him a "nutcase".

    So, to sum up, you do not, and I repeat, you DO NOT want to get on Philip Nolan's wrong side. Never. Never Ever. If you see him and think there's something wrong with him, you haven't seen anything yet. He can get a whole lot worse. Trust me. Ask anoyone in the force, or any prisoner. Just don't do anything wrong or anything against the law and everything will be cool, he usually plays by the rules.

    History: Phil was born in Goldenrod City, but spent his childhood in various cities, for example Celadon City, Neon Town, Cerulean City, and Viridian City. His father, Wayne, was an abusive drug dealer, and both him and his mom were junkies. Wayne would beat up his wife and kid just for being high on coke. Phil tried to run away many times, but was always found by some thug that worked with his dad and brought back to his parents. When he turned seven, his mother divorced his father and he went to live with her in Neon Town, a small town near Fuschia City. For years poor Phil had to struggle with being neglected by his mom, who was struggling to stop taking drugs, and getting teased at school for always being the “new kid”. The constant moving, teasing and neglection led him to start smoking and become a creep and an outcast.

    Life kept hurting Phil hard, and when he was 15, he thought it couldn’t get any worse. But it did. His mother died of a heroin overdose and he was forced to live with his dad in Viridian City, who tortured him even more and left him some serious bruises. After three years of constant abuse, he was able to go away and stayed at a flophouse in Celadon City, eager to be as far away from his father’s as he could. In his new “home”, he made a living delivering goods to trainers. That was until he saw one of the thugs that worked with his father (and the one that usually brought him back when he tried to run away) stealing from the Dept. Store. He chased him down with his bike and beat him up, and if someone didn’t stop him, he would have killed him. The one who stopped him was a police officer in his forties named Randy Genzale, who, after arresting the thug, offered to take Phil under his wing and help him become a policeman. Phil saw it as an opportunity to take his dad and everyone he worked with down and agreed.

    By the time he turned 21, he had arrested his dad’s “henchmen”, and was trying to go after his old man, now leading a gang. But the latter escaped to Hoenn, so Phil and Randy chased him there, but it didn’t end well as they thought. Although they managed to corner Wayne Nolan after a boat chase that ended at an abandoned ship, the gangster shot and killed Randy, and Phil was forced to kill his father before he ended up like his partner.

    Depressed by Randy’s demise, Phil stayed in Hoenn for about a month. In this region, Phil befriended a Lotad after the Pokémon helped him get a thief that had stolen his wallet. The Lotad liked Phil immediately and decided to follow him in his travels. In fact, the Lotad helped him get over his partner’s death and come back to Kanto. Phil caught him in a Pokéball and named him “Fitz”, after his dead partner’s undercover name Johnny Fitzpatrick.

    Since then, Fitz has evolved and adopted his human friend’s mannerisms, even wearing a pinstriped coat. Phil has moved to another apartment in Celadon, where he hangs out when off-duty.


    Pokemon Name: Fitz

    Species: Lombre

    Age: 8

    Appearance: Fitz, like his human partner, wears a long coat and walks like him instead of how usual Lombres walk. He also mimics Philip’s smoking by putting a twig in his mouth. Those things are the only things that make him different from other Lombres

    Moves: Hydro Pump, Protect, Substitute, Solarbeam, Giga Drain, Ice Beam
    Name: Creamer
    Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage[/align]
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