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Wesley James Stevens
Day One: Act I: Scene II:

Wes just shook his head at Kathy as he handed her her stuff, wiping the dust off of his uniform as he laughed at her little joke. He heard his virtual pet beep a few times while he laughed. Taking it out of his pocket, it appeared that his digital friend was laughing too. Wiping the dust off of it, he placed it back in his pocket and shrugged afterwards

"First of all, please just call me Wes. Wesley sounds too formal for my tastes," said Wes, turning the music coming from his iTouch off and taking the earbuds out of his ears. "And my pants are usually on thank you. I just like them a little baggy. Makes me comfy, unlike these stupid dress pants they make use boys wear. Ugh I hate them."

Wes then ran his hands through his hair as he saw some people who recognized him walk by. Some waved at him. Others said "hey" or "What's up homefry?" as Wes just waved at them. He then looked back at Kathy with a smile.

"Besides, one would think such a nerd like you would even take off that darn lab coat every once in a while. Honestly girl... Science isn't everything," said Wes playfully, except for that part about science. "I think you should stop and smell the roses every once in a while.

With a laugh, Wes checked his iTouch for the time. Yep, still had plenty of time before he had to go to homeroom. Why not hang a bit?

"Say, I'm heading towards the cafeteria to get some grub. Would you like to join me? Or is there an experiment more important than me?" asked Wes playfully as he pointed with his thumb down the hallway, still smiling.
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