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Ok, what did I do now?
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    "What did you do, Hiroshi?!" Haru asked a little furiously. Now wasn't the best time for this. All that hard work was now gone. Nothing but high-thirty percent remained. "Did you bug my device or something?! Not cool!"

    "Haru, trust me, I don't need to mess your device up to beat you. ****! Not mine, too!" Hiroshi said, watching as his own device shrank in percentage, too. Haru wanted to laugh, but it wasn't worth it. He yawned and then sighed at almost the same time.

    "I guess we're both incredibly unlucky..." Haru sighed as the teacher walked in.

    "Sit down, everyone! It's time for the test!" the English teacher said as he walked through the doorway.

    "Well I see that the janitors still forget to lock this door. Good for me," Haru thought out loud to himself as he walked over to a create and jumped on top of it. He yawned to himself as his virtual pet began buzzing in his pocket. Taking it out, the boy could see that it contacted him. "Food, please!" it seemed to chime, the boy obliging its request and started to feed it. It had been a little while since he tried to feed it (or her, as the device tried to tell him. It could have a gender?) at the start of the day. Now that a class was about to end, it was about time to go to the next class: Science. For once Haru liked a class, there were two people he could call acquaintances in that one, but he was going to take a bit of personal time before actually entering. It seemed to be a ritual. First he'd show up in English class, then disappear for the roof until Science (one of his acquaintances greeting him while the other tells him off for arriving late every time), then go to Math and then lunch, Spanish was after, skipping that one too if he could, then Sociology, and then finally end the day with gym. After school was where the fun really began; he decided what to do before walking home. Usually it was the arcade, a not very well-known pizza parlor (but the food there was awesome; he never got why they didn't get so much business...) or the riverside to relax. There was certainly a methodology to the madness.

    "Now you want to eat? You usually never have a problem with eating in the morning before school starts," Haru talked with his virtual pet. Usually it would look odd, but the pet would message him back. In fact, it was responding now.

    "I wasn't hungry, Haru. Are you not in class right now?"

    "No, I'm resting up a bit before science. I don't think Kathy's day is ever complete if she can't have the chance to scold me for arriving late," Haru explained, yawning in between sentences.

    "You've been arriving later and skipping school more often, Haru. What's on your mind, now?" the pet asked, Haru frowning to himself.

    "It's nothing; just three more weeks before my birthday. I haven't reminded anyone, so it's very unlikely-- close to impossible-- that anyone would know," Haru sighed, looking up at the sky. It was a little darker today... he'd know; he was up on the roof everyday.

    "You could always tell them," the pet replied simply.

    "Not going to; I just don't want anyone to know right now. It's likely that I won't make it after the twenty-seventh, so I just want them to think I dropped out or something. No one's going to think otherwise, anyway," Haru said gravely, yawning as he looked down to stare at the little eight-bit creature in the device, "I'll make sure I give you to Wes the day before; I don't think I trust Kathy with you--"

    "DANGER!! DANGER!! Haru, it's not safe to be on the roof!!" a sudden series of beeping sounded from the device. It was a new sound Haru never heard before, but it was so annoying.

    "What? What could be dangerous about--" Haru tried to ask, but got cut off as the beeping got louder. Gritting his teeth and bracing himself, the boy gave in and started for the door. He shook the device as he marched down the stairs. "Okay, okay!! I'm not on the roof anymore! You can stop now!"

    Haru sighed as he walked through the corridors and headed for Science class. It was a bit earlier than normal, but he very well couldn't go back up with the virtual pet being up and arms against the idea. Oh well, maybe Kathy would be less prompted to scold him if he showed up a little earlier...

    Playing with the virtual pet as he walked down the hall, Haru frowned to himself as he saw that the percent didn't change one bit. It was still thirty-nine percent. Now they were back a whole bunch of steps!! Perhaps it was just him, but the pet seemed a little less rebellious to his nurturing than it had the last couple of days. Did it feel bad? Sure, Haru was exhibiting a bit of extreme angst, but it wasn't like the pet hadn't heard it before. In fact, the last time he did the pet grew six percent closer to him in the same hour. That was when Haru first thought that the pet was acting odd. It seemed to want to console him, but it had no way of doing so. Maybe that was why it rebelled in the first place? Either way, Haru was curious.

    "Hey, er, little... girl-program?" Haru asked, confused as he turned a corner, "What are you feeling?" This seemed crazy; even for Haru. Even if it developed oddly over the last few weeks, it was still a defecting device. It was just going to act confused then asked to play. Or... not.

    "Program is a sad girl. D:" the pet messaged him, including the frown-face, then added, "Haru's always nice to Program, but Program can't help right now. Program wants to make Haru better."

    "Uhh... sorry?" Haru asked, not at all sure if what he was reading was a malfunction or not, "It's nothing you have to concern yourself over; that's just how it is. Forget that happened, okay?"

    "Program can't forget! She wants to save Haru!" the virtual pet messaged with a small sound of sad beeping.

    "Eh?! Don't cry! I'm sure you can find a way!" the boy exclaimed before the closeness meter jumped up to forty... and then back down to thirty-nine. Well, that was odd. Odder, though, was that Haru stopped dead in his tracks without warning.

    Indeed, he instinctively stopped walking before he bumped into Kathy. Taking a step back, it took a second for Haru to register that it really was Kathy. And Wes was with her, too! "Well, you two aren't in class. That's unusual," Haru said, a blank tone devoid of expression being used as he addressed the two acquaintances, "Usually I get scolded for it." That sentence ended with a yawn.

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