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    Katharina von Kuranse
    Day One =Da Mon


    "First of all, please just call me Wes. Wesley sounds too formal for my tastes," said Wes, turning the music coming from his iTouch off and taking the earbuds out of his ears. "And my pants are usually on thank you. I just like them a little baggy. Makes me comfy, unlike these stupid dress pants they make use boys wear. Ugh I hate them."

    Katharina let out a sigh. "Right...I forgot that people in this country like to, how they say: 'Look Fly', as well as give such short-stature names," Katharina bowled, as she returned her notepad back into her lab coat. "Do not worry, I suppose we have that in Germany too. Well, I am sure we do anyhow. Anyways, I shall respect your wishes, Herr 'Wes'."

    "Besides, one would think such a nerd like you would even take off that darn lab coat every once in a while. Honestly girl... Science isn't everything," said Wes playfully, except for that part about science. Katharina then gave him a more, serious look. "I think you should stop and smell the roses every once in a while.

    "...Herr Wes, Are you asserting that science does not involve a hands-on approach? Because my dear bagged-happy friend, you are quite misinformed," Katharina said meekly. "Science is everything. In fact, do you know that you are made out of tiny little particles called atoms? Z'at, Herr Wes, is science. Science is absolute; anyone who shall think otherwise, needs to be put on a rack, and made fun of, and be called horrendous, hideous, and other alliterations that begin with the letter 'h', names repeatedly."

    Katharina then fixed up on wearing her lab coat, as she soon saw Wes walking away. "Say, I'm heading towards the cafeteria to get some grub. Would you like to join me? Or is there an experiment more important than me?" he asked playfully as he pointed with his thumb down the hallway, still smiling.

    "Hmmm..." Kathrina mumbled in deep thought. "I have two possibilities. One, to continue my quest to find the ultimate answer of the question of two plus two, observing the outer lengths of this universe, all the way to the deepest of organisums...or to consume disaccharides along with lipase and protein, thus providing myself with energy and the building blocks for my metabolisum... eating building blocks with a friend that wears baggy pants...Hm. Very well, Herr Wes. I shall accept your offer. Shall we go?" Katharina, with a small smile on her face, then followed Wes though the hallway, on the way to the cafeteria.

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