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    Originally Posted by Retribution View Post
    Guess what guyz. I've finally started a new line of Pokemon. :D I needed more ice types, so yeah... Fine we have Mentock, an Ice/Rock type Pokemon.

    Then there is Monstice, the evolution of Mentock.

    Additionally, I messed around with Crymension palette, and I came up with this...

    I think it makes it look much more serious, and I kinda like it. I changed the shading a bit as well.
    I see some proportions issues here... also the ice. You can have less cracks in it and still hint it as ice. Play around with the shading a little instead of using internal outlines, you know what I mean?

    Crymension came out pretty good, though. Nice curves and shading.

    Originally Posted by Retribution View Post
    Update time!

    I revamped one of my older works, something for the isometric project a while back. I really just wanted to get back to spriting in the isometric style (I find it fun. XD IDK why. ) Anyway, here it is.

    I also revamped Titaneon to give it a bit more character.

    I finished the final evolution of Mentock. It's called Yetice, and it's Ice/Fighting.
    Dat robot. It changed so much; it's practically a great isometric sprite. Only flaw I noticed is that the legs are stached too much on the front, literally making the robot lose balance if left somewhere-anywhere.

    Titaneon's got style. Really neat job here.

    Yetice, eh...if that grey thing's fur, then you're doing it wrong xD Fur has a more pointy outline here and there, and it definitely is brigther than that. Well, if it's not a fur then okay, my bad. You could also improve the face a bit.

    Originally Posted by Retribution View Post
    Just something minor I did recently~

    It's an Inn in isometric style. I kinda c/p the bricks though. :L What, I'm lazy. XD For some reason, I love spriting in isometric style. XD


    The evolves form of Magnero and the final form of Aprentive. It is named Miking (magnet and viking).
    Really impressive isometric work, once again. Still, unless you wanted that chimney to make a Mickey Mouse-shaped smog, then you need to work on it a bit. And, for the sake of an inn's size, it should be rather bigger, or at least longer on the sides.

    Finally, Magnero. Wow, this sprite is...weird, I don't know how to put it. Firstly, the post is really stiff and immobile. Try a more dynamic approach, like this, for example:
    stick figure ftw.

    You need to work on the head, mate. I see a bean with horns and eyes and a mouth, but anyway, you know you can do better than that. I mean, look at titaneon. What happened to this poor bull, then?

    Anyway, the palette and outfit are cool, heroic, so I guess they're a good fit.

    Until next time, pal! Good job once again!
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