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    Miharu frowned, watching silently. Kiroku was obviously having a violent flashback, probably about what Miku said. Having quite a horrible past as Kiroku, and she was sure that she hadn't been given the full story, well, some triggers were most likely to happen. Miharu knew that if someone touched her without her knowing, she would either become introverted or become this violent. It was why she usually kept such a close eye on her surroundings; she didn't want to show weakness. Miku seemed to help Kiroku easily enough, though.

    "M-Miharu-sama...What was that...?" asked Miku after Kiroku went to sleep.

    Miharu sighed. "Kiroku...He did not have the best of times on Earth. I have some of the details, but probably not all. Even so, I would not want to tell you in fear of losing his trust. If you really are curious, I would ask Kiroku yourself." Miharu realized something. "Oh, no need to call me "Miharu-sama". I do not really like the term and I am of no way above you at all."
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