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    ((OOC: You can have Miku follow Miharu. =P Actually, it would probably be a good idea to do so. xD So dramatic!

    Also, I feel that this is the cast of people who have terribly bad pasts. Really, they can all angst over SOMETHING.))

    "I was just-- You sometimes seem to have an air of nobility about you, but you're not so interested in it like Emil is," Miku stated.

    Miharu froze. "Excuse me," she managed to murmur and left. She managed to make it deep into the forest nearby before going into a rage attack. She started kicking and punching the trees in rage, not even noticing when her hands and feet started to be bloody. However, she wouldn't stop kicking or punching, even if her uniform started to turn red with blood. She finally managed to stop with one final kick to the tree, perhaps twenty minutes later. She looked fairly bloody and Miharu looked at her ruined uniform in disinterest. She slumped down against the also bloody tree, before laying down completely on the grass. She closed her eyes.

    "Damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it!" she muttered in Japanese. Miharu had thought that she had left all of it behind her; all the rules and all the arogance. All the beatings and the ridcules. Never being the perfect daughter, unlike her older sister that had died when she was four. It was always her fault, it was never her sister's. It was her fault that her sister died because of her. All. Her. Fault.

    Miharu could have laid there all day and night, but blood was probably going to attract some dangerous beasts to her. Luckily, she had done this enough that she knew where the streams were. She got up, slowly, and walked there, never minding the pain of her and her hands. It made her focus. She had always preferred beatings to the emotional pain.

    She managed to make it to a stream and washed herself, feeling better in the water. She also had managed to get most of the blood out of her uniform as the blood was fairly new. There were still some specks of it, but not enough to be noticeable. The red mixed with the clear blue of the stream as it washed away. Miharu could feel her rage washing away with the blood. She bandaged her hands and feet and put on her fairly wet uniform. She would walk around for the uniform to dry a bit before heading back to the school. It was helpful that she also knew how to avoid dangerous beasts.
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