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    Kazuki (かずき)

    Kazi (Nickname),
    Silver (Codename)




    Male ♂





    Kazuki is a very odd boy. Because of his odd deformity, he was shunned from society, and he became a loner. His skin is fairly pale, and his hair is a bright White, with a faint Blue to it. His eyes are his biggest oddity. His right eye is Icy Blue-White. His left eye is Deep Ocean Blue, with a Red splotch in it. His facial features make him out to be kind and gentle. He rarely smiles, and has the ability to remain completely expressionless. His White hair is medium-long and covers over his right eye most of the time. His build is tall, about 5'11" or 5'12", and lightweight, about 160 pounds. He is fairly thin, but has a hidden amount of strength in his attack. He generally wears sleeveless shirts or t-shirts for tops, and always wears cargo shorts for bottoms. He wears either high-tops or sandals for shoes. He most commonly wears a black Male Kimono, with a midnight blue pattern on it. He looks American, but in actuality he has deep Japanese roots. He wears a silver cross around his neck, and an Onyx-black earring on his left ear, that dangles a half-inch below his earlobe. He has a hidden scar on his forehead, and a long slash diagonally down his chest. Some of his features are reminiscent of a wolf.


    Kazuki is very much like a wolf, in his personality and his state of mind. He is almost entirely silent, usually only speaking when people speak to him. He tends to keep to himself. He is very light-hearted, and his morals are perfect; he wants to do what's right. But he is very sensitive, and takes insults to heart. He has a temper too, so be careful. He is generally nice to everyone, even strangers. He is polite when he can be. He believes that you should treat others how you want to be treated. A few topics that are very sensitive to him are friends, family, normality, and love. Kazuki has a mate, but has not seen her in months, and has a self-destroying thought that she may have become undead. That thought goes through his head all of the time, and tears him apart constantly.


    Very little is known about Kazuki. No one even knows his middle or last name. No one knows where he lives, or why he has his scars.

    Weapon Preferences:

    Kazuki is extremely skilled in two weapon styles - the first is dual-blading, where he holds a dagger (or sometimes even claws) in each hand, and he moves at extremely fast speeds. This style is about speed and accuracy, not power. An instant jab hitting a vital area means lights out for the victim of the blades. His second skill is throwing knives, where his aim is dead-on. He can fistfight with that same blinding speed, and his fighting style resembles that of the late Bruce Lee. He is good with guns as well, but uses them less often.



    Kazuki doesn't believe in the use of Pokeballs. He does not use PC. What few Pokemon he has are out with him, and they are his equals. They aren't pets, but more like allies and friends. The three Pokemon and Kazuki are a family..

    359.gifShadow the Absol ♂ - An oddly black-furred Absol, with white skin and blades, and gleaming mint-green eyes. He enjoys battling and cares deeply for his family.

    Rufflet.gifAero the Rufflet ♂ - A normally colored Rufflet with deep blue eyes, and a slightly torn left wing. His wing looks like it had been damaged when he was a newborn. He is a courageous little bird and is determined to show his skill.

    282.gifDestiny the Shiny Gardevoir ♀ - A Shiny blue-green Gardevoir with brilliant amber eyes and a gentle smile. She's deceptive and wise, but kind.


    A special ability of Kazuki, is that he is able to communicate with Pokemon, in a mixture of movements, gestures, and a special type of telepathy.

    Note: Nakuzami, I understand that the History is short. Kazuki is a mysterious character, and the sign-up should tell you that much. However, you will likely want more History. Am I right? If so, simply PM me what you need to know and I'll tell you. Also, when I RP with Pokemon, I don't go by "moves". I like to RP realistically, meaning my Pokemon can do what would seem like something they can do. (Example: Most Pokemon know how to tackle or scratch). Finally... JerkBender? Seriously??


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