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Thanks Nakazumi, you're cool >.> jk lol but yeah maybe I did. I think Focus Shift was my first RP I joined here anyway, so I know I was bad there lol


>Name: Raike Destan
>Age: 19
>Gender: Male
>Appearance(It's kinda blended, is that okay?))
Raike wears a white jacket, which is lined with black. This
lining shows up around his collar, and at the cuffs of the sleeves, as well as the base of the jacket. His hair is colored jet black, and messy, so that it covers his left eye. His left eye is colored red, while the right is colored a deep purple. He has no facial hair, and his skin color is a light tan.
His baggy jeans are colored a dark blue, but a bit faded in the knees,
with a steel chain that is attached to his belt loops. He wears black steel toed boots, and metal plated on the bottom. His shirt is red striped black, and short sleeved. On his left and right hands, he wears special gloves that allow him to touch certain hazards such as fire or electricity without harm.

Raike's personality can be very hard to understand at sometimes. He doesn't like hanging around others, be them Shifters, Regulars, or whatever very much, but will if he feels the need to. He can be very isolated at times, running off without telling others, and then returning as if nothing happened. He is also very unpredictable, doing the most unlikely thing in any type of situation. He is not the best conversationalist, so he will also seem sort of awkward at times.
He also can be seen to posses a knowledge far ahead of his time, but
can't always put it into words. Once he meets a certain group of people that he "likes" it is possible that he will open up to the group, being more free with words and expressions. But normally, if you see him, he will hide behind an emotionless mask.

>History: 2+ paragraphs (Just remember, this is what has happened up until now.)
>RP Sample:
-Raike nodded as he leaned against the doorframe of his house, listening to the soldiers explaining the event that was taking place today. When they told him that he had to go to the election seremony, he refused quite solidly, shutting the door in the faces of the two soldiers. As he ignored the banging on the door behind him, he walked up the steps, skipping two at a time, sighing. When the soldiers had come, Raike had been sleeping, so he had basically answered the door in his boxers, but he didn't really care. As he pulled on his black baggy jeans, he scowled at being woken up so early, well for him at least.

"They'll probably pick me, since they want to be rid of me oh soo badly." Thought Raike as he slipped on his red and black striped shirt, and his jacket over it. "Well, I don't feel like it, so they are going to have to tranquilize me or something, cuz' I'm getting outta here." he murmered under his breath as he slipped on his gloves, and then his boots soon after. He strapped his hunting knife to his belt, somewhat hastily, hearing the now splintery sound of the front door breaking.

As he opened the window, he felt the cool breeze hit his face, and he smiled slightly, looking back at the room. The house wasn't necessarily his, taking into consideration that the owners had gone hunting in the woods a few years ago, but had never returned. Raike had needed a place to stay, so where better then an already paid for house? He climbed out of the window and pushed off the wall, jumping to get a grip on the ledge of the neighboring house, and repeating between the two until he reached the ground. Dusting himself off, he began to run in the opposite direction, dodging patrols that were gathering other teens, who seemed somewhat happy to go.

Raike shook his head looking at them, they didn't know what they were doing. He had spied on the "game" once before, and saw what happened to the people there, and he wanted no part in it. He was almost out of the danger zone when he made one false move, he had stepped on a twig, and his metal plated boots had snapped it easily. The soldiers in the Human district were pretty alert, nothing Raike couldn't handle depending on the number of them, but there were too many this time. It took about 17 of them to restrain him, and make him join the line going towards the reaping.

Scowling, he glared at all the people around him; this was not good.-


-Raike stood, scowling and glaring at everyone around him. Everyone just thought that he took space in the village, and even was a bit of a theif. Yeah, he would be "elected" alright, and there was no way he would be getting out of this. He watched Statia Mania, the town's mayor for 11 warily as she went on with the speach that talked about the glory of the "game" and how great of an honor it was to be in the fight. When she stopped speaking, she silenced the cheers of the crowd, and began to announce something, and Raike cursed silently.-

"Now, before we allow voulenteers, there has been a spot reserved, for none other than our Raike Destan!"

-At this Raike cursed a bit louder, and the people began to grumble about why Raike, the worst of them all was getting the chance compete. Raike walked up to the platform, avoiding the gaze of the crowd, and mayor, and staring off into the distance. He zoned out as the other names were called, but came back when it was boarding time. Raike had no one to say goodbye to, and so he walked silently down the steps to the underground subway to catch the train. The crowed filled up the room after the other 3 condenders had walked down the steps, and entered the train.

All of the crowd was cheering, partly because Raike was leaving, and also because they wanted the rest of the humans to bring back victory to their district. Raike decided to leave the people something to remember himself by, so he looked around and spotted a windex can. Luckily, there was still some of the liquid left, so Raike sprayed it all over one large window. He then proceeded to write "F all you jankbots." jank being his own made up curse word. He then flipped them all off as the train pulled out of the station, ignoring the angry shouts and curses.-
>Name: Raven
>Gender: Female
>Species: Umbreon
>Personality: Raven isn't the most vocal Umbreon around, and mostly only relays her thoughts and emotions to Raike. Like most shifters, Raike and Raven both share a very unique bond, possibly even stronger than the one that is formed between a trainer and their first pokemon, and of course, Raven was his first. She can be a bit of a nag, always fussing whenever Raike does anything risky, and usually is right in doing so, because he usually hurts himself doing things like that. In battle, she is a fierce foe, often being called a "fierce black ball of blind fury" by Raike, who often gets scratched for calling her that.

History will go up tomorrow probably....
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