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    Chapter 3.5 - Marisa Ryunatta - Vampire District

    I paused outside the elevator, and stared at the boy who wasbusy destroying a few trees. He was like Natruo. They were both about the sameheight, and they both were physical fighters. But which was worse? The Game Designeror the demon dubbed as ‘The Rhino’? I pondered this as I slowly made my wayaround Ryuu, and over to one of the barriers supporting the camouflage equipment.Berry juices and leaves; things that would allow you to blend in with nature.Picking off a stick over by the make-shift forest just across from it, I gentlytossed the stick at the barrier. Like a bouncy ball, the stick reflected off,and went flying back over to the forest. I smiled happily at this discovery.

    “Uu, we’ll stay,” I answered. “Everyone’s gonna be here soon~!” And with thatstatement, I took a stance, and ran at the barrier. At the last minute, Ijumped into it; body tilted slightly. Just like the stick, the barrier releaseda sort of energy which had me fly off instantaneously with a touch. You couldn’tsay I exactly made impact. Unlike the stick, however, my trip through the airwas much more graceful. Within about four seconds, I found myself falling intothe branches of a nearby tree. The barrier had catapulted me across. I actuallyFLEW for a few seconds…! Excited and with a few twigs attempting to snag me, Ipoked my head through the leaves and waved at Kerin.

    “That was so FUN! Au au!” I giggleduncontrollably, and sunk back into hiding. I felt like an animal; a cat,perhaps. My eyes adjusted to the insides of the tree’s coverage, and I stealthymoved myself around; only getting caught a few times thanks to my dress. Then,I was hopping. It paid to be small and light. The branches did not break underthe weight of my body, and maneuvering through the tree was as easy as a play-structure.Within a few minutes, I had gone to the other side of the forest, and was nowpeering down at the demon. Sure, he could topple trees down with his sheerphysical strength, but I doubted that he could climb as easily as me. He hadpower, and I could just avoid him entirely. Well, if there were trees. The arenacould be basically anything; a snowy mountain top, to a blazing, endless desert.All I needed was a forest. It didn’t matter if they were pine trees or oak. Icould sleep up on the tallest branches, away from Ryuu. If he attempted to takedown my tree, I could simply hop into another. Ryuu didn’t seem to know anymagic, so he would have to PHYSICALLY get me, in order to harm me. Then again…Weren’t we going to be chained together? If that was the case, wouldn’t it bedifficult to get even a metre from him? But there must be some way to get ridof the chains that would bind us. Natruo would have to be pretty messed up tohave a small girl tied to a giant for a killing spree. And Ryuu didn’t seemlike the kind of person to coo over how cute I was. He’d beat my face in withina millisecond.

    Chapter 3.5 - Mammon - Underworld

    "Look, I know I have your powers and all, but I don't to become all lazy off of them. I'm already pretty lazy right now. I don't like depending on people, and I only made an exception for you, since you are the closest person I have, and because I would probably be killed without your help. That doesn't mean I need you 24/7.... Crap I forgot something..."

    Startled, I watched as we went back up to his room. I followed him, yet I knew not to follow him into the washroom. Come on, I wasn't gonna follow him EVERYWHERE. "Hmph..." As he showered, I leaned myself back against his bed. So... He was lazy? Hardly in my eyes. Let's see, he took his time to come over to the Demon's Tower and eavesdrop on Bernkastel... Then he trained without myself having to motivate him... Nope. Not lazy. As for that other bit. It startled me. Okay, so I was the closest person he had... I kind of felt honored. Did he not have friends back in the Human District? Surely he did... Right?

    I sat myself up the moment the washroom door opened up. That was possibly the quickest shower in the history of showers. Even Zane, who wasn't particularly fond of water, took a good fifteen minutes underneath the shower head. I was half-expecting a load of steam to rush out from behind my contractor. You know, the water turned to mist when it hit his skin? Yes, I expected his skin to be warm enough to do that. Especially after his whole 'sun-boy' phase. He didn't even bother to dry his hair... Hm.

    Sticking close to Raike, I followed him down to the dining room. I didn't even both hiding my appearance, since there were only servants around at this point. I guessed that everyone else was still in bed. Typical. There was really no point in me eating, either. Though I could digest food normally, it really wouldn't do much good for me. I didn't need food and water to survive. However, that did not mean that I didn't like food. It was alright.

    So instead, I occupied mysel with watching the curious behavior of the human before me. Raike didn't need to know this, but this was the longest period of time I've ever spent with a human. Fascinating creatures, they were. Definitely Raike. He seemed to be making sure he left the place as clean as possible, save his plate and untensils. Not a single speck on anything else. In any case, the servants appreciated it, so I decided to not think much on it. Thanking them simply because Raike hyad, I left with him. However...

    "Shi--" I jumped; immediately shapeshifting myself into my signature red mist, and slipping into Raike's arm. Not exactly his skin, but something ON his skin. A tattoo. Not an animal like Lucifier's, but a intricate spiral of designs. The most common shape being triangles. The reason why I had removed myself from view? Nokoto. I was not going to expose myself to any competitors unless given permission by Bernkastel or Raike. She didn't notice. She waved a greeting to Raike, and helped herself to a seat for breakfast. "....." I waited until we were in the elevator alone, to speak.

    "You know, you'll get arthritis by doing that," I commented; obviously talking about how he was cracking his knuckles. When we were finally inside the training center, I was surprised to find exactly three other people there. Well, only two could be seen, really. Ryuu and Kerin. However, hiding inside a tree near the demon, was the little girl named Marisa. I was more transfixed on Ryuu, though. He was the one that beat me to the ground thanks to Bernkastel. Inwardly, I grinned.

    "Permission to mess with Ryuu?" I asked Raike. "I'd like to see how pissed he'll be!~"
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