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Originally Posted by Forever View Post
Has anyone else faced the issue of overpredicting in like every battle? I feel like all I ever do is overpredict which works out really bad for me. For example, wifi lets me see a team, see Politoed, send out Virizion. Assume they wouldn't keep it in on Virizion because it can basically 2HKO it, use Stone Edge as there are flying types @ preview, nope, keep it in, do bad... etc.

And when I assume people will start off with Rotom-W (probably trick, assuming that deoxys-s will be screens but haha it isn't), they... don't. And yet a great portion of others do. Idk I should just assume nobody is going to play strategically or something, 'cause it's pretty annoying to lose batltes in general from overpredicting that I'd otherwise have won lol.
Yeah, I did. Prediction is an art, really - especially predicting on the ladder. You can't just assume your opponent will be a high-calibre opponent to begin with. More often than not, the first few turns are best spent by going with the safest move and scouting how your opponent plays and responds to your move. From there you can identify their playstyle and start to plan your predictions accordingly. It's just a learn-by-experience thing; if you find yourself overpredicting all the time, just try to focus on making the safe move unless the prediction is absolutely vital to winning the game. It's better to play it safe and make slow strides rather than go balls to the wall turn one and risk losing the whole match.

edit: also oh my goodness this is a fabulous resource