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    The Council Revolt
    Rated M for Violence, Romance and other mature themes
    Created, Written, GM'ed and Produced by Yagerbomb


    The setting of this story takes place in a fictional region called Harnendor in the Early Renaissance time period. Map is featured below. All technology is that of the early Renaissance Era. The official time marked for the beginning for the Role-play is Late Spring (around May) of the year 1478, although past event described in the plot may be in previous time frames.



    Location description:

    Quick note: Ethir _____= Large River


    Dor-En-Ernil is a frigid, mountainous tundra where plant and animal life is scarce. For plants, mosses and lichen are the only common plants, however some types of hardy bushes are adept to survive in the area. For animals, Caribou are the dominant herbivore in the province, yet over-hunting has reduced their numbers. Bison, Mountain Sheep and Wolves also exist in the area, to complete the ecosystem. The life in Dor-En-Ernil is filled with hardships, and the people who live there are mostly in poverty. The lifestyle there is based on hunting, and the more animals you have killed hunting, the more respected you are. However, the animals hunted do not go to waste. The people of Dor-En-Ernil pride themselves on using every part of the animal to use. The villages in Dor-En-Ernil are small, and the buildings are made out of straw and sometimes rock. The culture of Dor-En-Ernil is similar to the Mongolians, with the exception that the people of Dor-En-Ernil are not nomadic. The Capital of Dor-En-Ernil is Lond Ernil, which is a fortress surrounded by twenty-foot walls and contains the largest prison in Harnendor, the Ernil Keep. The people of Dor-En-Ernil, or Ernilian, are usually big, husky and hairy. The island of Tolfalas is part of the province as well, the island hosting a large population of seabirds.

    The province of Anduin is comprised of the regions of Lebennin and Ithilien. The borders extend from the Laer Galadrin Mountain Range in the south to the Town of Limbir in the west. The Province of Anduin is a cold, large grassland. Short grasses grow in the area, and some shrubs and a handful of trees are found in Anduin. For animals, Caribou and Bison are the main herbivores, although burrowing animals such as rats, moles, and burrowing owls etcetera are in the area. Wolves and snow leopards are the top predators in the Anduin Province. The people in Anuduin are very similar to those of Dor-En-Ernil, except that Anduinians are able to focus on farming as well and are generally more well-off. Anduin has produced many phenomenal minds in the past, such as Carzikal, who invented the wheel, Viktel Farro, who developed an operational irrigation system and Hannik Requer, who proved that the Earth is not the center of the universe, and is currently researching a concept called " Gravity". The villages in Anduin are similar to Dor-En-Ernil, although Anduinian villages are bigger and have lower poverty rates. Anduin's capital is Pelargir, a larger version of any Anduinian village.

    Harondor is the second largest Province in Harnendor, only Khand is bigger. Harondor contains the region of Haruzan, which is where the Capital City of Harondor, Gobel Ancalimon resides. Gobel Ancalimon is a sprawling port city, and is a major trade city for the Harnendor area, bringing in traders from the Deserts of Arysis to the tundra’s of Dor-El-Ernil. Harondor stretches its borders from the Laer Galadrin Mountains from the North, to the Ephel Duath Mountains in the North East, to the Dune Sea Mountain Range to the South, and the Chelkar River mouth to the east. The region of Harondor is a temperate forest, where trees, grasses and shrubs vegetate the area, while Deer, Elk, squirrels, beavers, falcons, owls, finches, hummingbirds and amphibians reside, along with predators like bears, wolves, cougars, jaguars and tigers are found. There are many resources in the Harondor Province, such as animals, lumber, rock and metals and fish. The small villages and towns in Harondor are styled similar to renaissance Italy, except for a few small villages that are suited either for hunters or miners. The exception to the general town structure in the Harondor Province is the City of Ramlond, which is a large castle city. The Harondorians are the richer people of Harnendor, and have more citizens and money available. As you get closer to the Ethir Harnen, farmland becomes more prominent. Harondorian culture is that of early renaissance Italy, mixed with Medieval Europe.

    Khand is the largest Province in Harnendor, encompassing an enormous landmass. The Province of Khand is made up of Upper and Lower Khand, Chelkar, Pezarsan, Lurmsakun, Arysis and Kajbah. Khand is mostly an enormous desert, although the regions of Chelkar and Pezarsan are near rivers, so they are suited for farming and a wetter climate. The borders of Khand are far apart, spanning from the Chelkar River in the west to the Ephel Duath Mountains to the North West and the Dune Sea to the South. Lurmsakun has giant stone, marble and iron deposits, making it a coveted area. Kajbah is very mountainous, and has been known as a hiding spot for many run-aways. The Capital of Khand is the largest City in Harnendor, Sturlurtsa Khand, a sprawling city with gigantic markets and spectacular palaces and monuments. For plants and animals, both are scarce. In the farming areas of Pezarsan and Chelkar, the natural habitat has been demolished to counter Khand’s rising population, so natural life is extinct in the river regions, or “West Khand”. In the massive desert areas of Khand, moisture is rare, so plants and animals are rare. You can find Cacti and some shrubs in the desert; along with Scorpions, Armadillos, Camels and species of lizards manage to survive in the deserts. The villages and towns in West Khand are small farming communities, except for Amrun, which is a large port City. The villages and towns in the Desert are small, walled communities designed to keep sandstorms and invaders out. The culture of the Khand people is similar to that of the Arabians of the late-medieval times. Some of Harnendor’s greatest historical figures have come out of Khand, including Deskyr Al Khand, who ruled Harnendor for eighty-one years, and inventor Tykir Un Shalee, who created the idea of refining metals, and Tykir’s son, Hamm Un Shalee, who invented forging these metals into tools. Much other historical significance has come out of Khand.

    Umbar is a mysterious region, and is found south of Harondor. The Nen Umbar Bay, which the Province of Umbar is surrounding, closes in the Province with a large Mountain range. The terrain in Umbar is very mountainous and treacherous, and as cliffs descend into the Ocean. There are very few plants in Umbar, most of them being shrubs and mosses. For animals, sea and land birds dominate the area, although small land animals can be found like shrews, mice and otters. The big predator in Umbar is Dragons, which are selectively unique to Umbar. These Dragons are divided into different groups, which will be discussed later. The Capital of Umbar is a city called Umbar, which a bigger version of any Umbarish village, small and made out of caves and rocks.

    Nothing much is known about Nurn, other than it is impossible to reach from any part of Harnendor, and that once every two thousand years, someone leaves Nurn to the rest of Harnendor.


    Five years ago, the year 1473, the Deity of Harondor, Excalus, died at the age of eighty-four. The Nation of Harnendor was shocked at the loss of their Deity, as Excalus was thought to live forever. Having Excalus living forever would have worked out for the People of Harnendor, as Excalus was a fair and just ruler. There was one problem though: Excalus did not have a child ready to take the throne. So, Excalus’ council, which consisted of Gijer Sol Khand, from the Khand Province, King Jesfer of Harondor, Chieftain Heikman from Dor-En-Ernil, Noble Farris Fon Falkhi from Anduin and Fallpula from Umbar, decided to rule Harnendor together. Things went smoothly for the first while, no disputes. But then, in the winter of 1477, King Jesfer was assassinated. Confused at the murder, the Nation of Harnendor went into shock. The once powerful Council was falling. After investigation, the Council wrongly placed charges on Noble Falkhi, who was executed. Hearing of this, Chieftain Heikman and Fallpula organized an assassination attempt to kill Gijer Khand, who was believed to be behind both the Jesfer killing and the Falkhi execution. Khand however, found out this plan and the two were assassinated. After this string of killings, the Nation of Harnendor began to crumble. Dor-En-Ernil secluded to the North, Anduin proclaimed indepedency, as did Umbar, leaving Harondor and Khand set up for a big war for control, even though Giher Sol Khand had control over Harnendor. So, Khand and Harondor declared war. However, the cycle of Nurn came along and four people came to Harnendor. This was a key event, as the Nurn people could change the war. The Nurn people headed to Umbar, for safety. The Nurn people allied with the Umbar Province, providing Umbar with extra power. Umbar quickly reached an Alliance agreement with Harondor. However, two of the Nurn people escaped to Khand, and joined Gijer’s army. Soon, Anduin allied with Harondor, and Dor-En-Ernil allied with Harondor too.. It is now Khand versus the whole kingdom of Harnendor, now called the forces of Harnendor. Some now questioning how Gijer got his power. The war now lies in the Nurn people and their abilities.


    You can sign-up for different roles. You can be a Nurn person, although those spots will be judged and the best four will be accepted. The other roles are non-Nurn characters fighting in the war. You can be the King of Harondor, who leads the whole Harnendoran army, or a normal soldier fighting with the Harnendor Forces or the Khand Empire. The non-Nurn spots are first SU fully done, first serve. Beware; you never know what could happen.

    Other stuff to talk about:


    Dragons are only available to Nurn characters and Umbar citizens. ( If you plan on being Umbarish, please tell me first, and Umbaran’s can’t be with Khand) There are four kinds of dragons, here they are:

    - Ice Dragons: Can use Ice Magic
    - Fire Dragons: Can use Fire Magic
    - Light Dragons: Have the ability to conjure light magic
    - Dark Dragons: Harness the power of Darkness.


    As I said, if you want to be a Nurn character, complete the SU form and I will judge and select the best SU’s on a certain date. Nurn characters can use all types of magic ( See dragons for magic types). Non-Nurn Characters cannot harness any magic. Nurn characters are VERY important in the story.

    NURN SU:


    Name: (Duh!)
    Gender: (Insert cheap joke here)
    Age: (150-2500)
    Side: (Harnendor or Khand)
    Appearance: (Pic or words)
    Personality: (Tell me about your character’s personality)
    Weapon: (What do you use to channel your magic)
    Others: (Anything else?)



    1. I am the GM, my decisions are final
    2. If you didn’t get the spot you wanted, try for a different spot!
    3. No God-modding
    4. No bunnying unless permission is given
    5. Minimum five sentences per post
    6. No back-and forth posting, use a joint post instead
    7. You can post maximum three time a day
    8. Post at least once every three days
    9. Follow PC and RP Corner rules
    10. Have fun, don’t fight each other in the OOC
    11. I will be playing as Gijer Sol Khand, don’t ask

    SU for Harnendor/Khand Character:

    Name: (Obvious)
    Age: (15-40)
    Gender: (Insert cheap joke here)
    Side: (Harnendor or Khand)
    Appearance: (Pics or words)
    Personality: (Tell me about your character)
    History: (What has happened to your character)
    Weapon: ( What is your weapon of choice)
    Others: (Anything else)


    Spots Available:


    1. Reserved for Elite Killer


    King of Harondor ( Leads the Harnendor forces):

    Harnendor forces:

    Khand Emperor:
    1. Taken by Yagerbomb - Gijer Sol Khand

    Khand Empire

    Try to keep the ratio of Harnendoran- Khand even

    My SU:

    Name: Gijer Sol Khand
    Age: 37
    Gender: Male
    Side: Khand - Emperor

    Personality: (Tell me about your character)
    History: (What has happened to your character)
    Weapon: Scimitar
    Others: (Anything else)

    Have fun, and hope to see you sign-up!!!

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