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    This story has been revamped that I’ve been working on for a few years. Yes last time I did this I failed at it, and it was a long time ago. If anyone remembered -.-' So yea I'm back and the story is back from the dead.

    Summary:A ragtag team of 20 Military Pokemon fighting to end a war against the Axis Alliance, that brought damage, fear, and large amount of pain through out the galaxy. Will they live and end the war, or will they fail and die.

    Action, Comedy, War, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Drama,

    The rating to me is 16+ through M to R. There is going to be violence, gore, immature humor and coarse language, though they are going to get worse in future chapters

    Note - There is a lot of characters. So I'll list the main characters

    Commander Poliwrath
    Lieutenant Commander Sceptile
    Major Infernape
    Commando Marowak AKA Mazda
    Lead Medic Blissey
    Ace Pidgeot
    Lieutenant Ditto
    Lieutenant Machamp
    Science Officer Alakazam
    Marksmen Zangoose
    1st Lieutenant Gengar
    1st Lieutenant Garchomp

    2nd Lieutenant Sudowoodo
    2nd Lieutenant Toxicroak
    Warrant Officer Mawile
    Warrant Officer Pinsir
    Warrant Officer Beartic AKA Frosty
    Warrant Officer Bibarel
    Warrant Officer Electivire
    Captain Zoroark AKA Rookie

    Feel free to review!

    Chapter selection

    Chapter 1 - Elevator Talk
    Chapter 2 - Change of Plans
    Chapter 3 - The Attack of the Argonauts...and Clones - Part 1 - Sh*t
    Chapter 3 - The Attack of the Argonauts...and Clones - Part 2: Two out of Five
    Chapter 3.5 - Make Sense, Now?
    Chapter 4 - Questions?
    Chapter 5 - Rookie Alert!
    Chapter 6 - Dittos Fortune - Part 1 - Super Fudge!
    Chapter 6 - Dittos Fortune - Part 2 - Throwing Bibarel
    Chapter 6 - Dittos Fortune - Part 3 - Doodoo Hits the Fan
    Chapter 7 - A Worthy Sunset
    Chapter 8 - Ninja Mode
    Chapter 9 - More Plot Holes
    Chapter 10 - War Shifting
    Chapter 11 - Hibernation
    Chapter 12 - Alpha and Omega - Part 1
    Chapter 12 - Alpha and Omega - Part 2
    Chapter 13 - Escape Goat
    Chapter 14 (Coming Soon)

    I give you... Crossing the Line


    Crossing the Line - Prologue - New Game

    City, Johto - Planet Earth - Thursday, April 16th, year 3500. 1130 hours.

    The sky was filled with explosions from the anti-aircraft gun above the clouds and anti-aircraft guns shooting down planes. After a shot was fired, a large explosion lit the sky orange. Nineteen dark shapes appeared beneath the clouds, they were soldiers, lucky to have not been blow up with their plane. Slowly, the shapes drifted towards the ground, gunfire still going on around them. Suddenly, the dark shapes vanished, as the soldiers with their parachutes settled down back to the Earth. They quickly take their parachutes off of their backs, check their guns, and run towards a half-destroyed building. One of the men kicks the door open, dashes to a window, and aims his gun out of it. The rest flood in, pointing their guns out of every window, while three others crouch behind stacked chairs. They take off their black and grey, full-face helmets, and place them on chairs. One of them, a pale man with fiery red hair and a large scar down his cheek, takes out a map and places it in the middle on the floor with four bullets weighing it down on each corner to prevent the map from folding in on itself.

    "Jin," said one of the men, he was shorter then the other two with jet black hair, his name was Nyoro, "did we lose any in the drop?"

    Jin, the last of the men, had dark brown hair that hung around his face, looked around the room and counted nineteen people, standing motionless with shiny gear on their bodies, reflecting the light from the windows. All of them had their guns pointing out the windows, ready to be attacked at any moment.

    "Looks, like everyone is here, sir," replied Jin, whose real name was Jukain.

    "Jake, Where are we?" asked Nyoro, looking at the man who had laid out the map.

    Jake looked at the map and tried to concentrate. He rubbed his chin and put his finger on the map, tapping on a small square beside a medium sized circle.

    "We're right here, three minutes south of the facility," said Jake, and before he could say anything else, a shout came from one of the soldier standing at the windows.

    "Captain Nyoro! We have company!"

    "Alright boys, helmets on. We're heading out," ordered Nyoro, getting up, putting on his helmet and walking towards the window the soldier who had shouted was standing at.

    He arrived at the window with the soldier, leaned on the wall, and took a quick peek outside, and then withdrew just as quickly.

    "What do we have Lune?" asked Nyoro, looking at the gray and black helmet of the soldier.

    "I'm guessing a mix of fifty rifle infantry and a couple of heavy duty tanks," replied Lune.

    Nyoro walked into middle of the room and looked around at his troops, taking a deep breath before speeking.

    "Happin, you stay here to help if anyone gets injured. Jack, Gara, Uso, Duko, Gang, Bead, and Lune, stay here and give the ones going in some cover. Wait thirty minutes to follow suit. The rest are with me, and we're going into the facility."

    They all nod and head towards their objectives. "Covering fire!" yelled Jack from a nearby window. Then, several soldier's fired their guns out of the windows, mowing down enemy infantry.

    "Let's go!" yelled Nyoro, kicking open the back door and sprinting towards the large building.

    Three of the soldiers who were following him, Kent, Yuki and Damerson, on the other hand, were almost out of the building, when a row of bullets landed in front of them, stopping them dead in their tracks. As they watched the others run, they waited a few seconds and then began to sprint. Nyoro quickly kicks the door of the building open and waits outside as the others get inside. He spots the three dashing for their lives, and also spots a tank rolling up and aiming at the three.

    "Take cover!" he yelled, as the tank fires its shell and a geyser of dirt erupts in between Yuki and Damerson, blasting the two into smithereens. Nyoro felt angry and suddenly went trigger-happy, firing his assault rifle at the enemy tank. Then, as he was taking a break from being trigger-happy, he spotted Kent slowly getting up, dazed and injuried. Nyoro called out to his wounded comrade, trying to get his attention, and beckoning to run in his direction. As Kent looked up at Nyoro, a bullet goes through his head and a large burst of blood comes out making a pink mist. Then, he drops to the ground, dead.

    A bullet flies pasts Nyoro's head and hits the wall behind him, smashes into pieces. The debris of the bullet hits him in the back on the head, making him flinch. Then, he dashes inside the building and closes the metal door. He looks around the small room for something long and hard to block the door with. Spotting a chair sitting in the corner, he grabs it and smashes it. After that, he grabs two legs from the broken chair and shoves them into the handles to prevent the doors from opening. He begins to walk in a very dark hallway. He turns on his flashlight mounted on his gun, and points it forward. He then walks along the hallway, quickly pointing his gun in and out of the various rooms, checking for enemies. After that, he enters a medium sized room that contained a few tables, chairs, computers, lamps, and lots of paper everywhere. He spots the others huddled in a circle, talking quietly among themselves, and interrupts them.

    "Kent, Yuki and Damerson are dead..." he said, sounding like he was still in shock.

    "sh!t..." quietly said Metamon, banging his fist against his helmet.

    "Alright we need to split up. Foodin, Piot, and Metamon are with me to secure the prisoners. Jin, Zang, Gabny and Nesto stay here and cover us," said Nyoro, walking towards another dark hallway with the three close and following him.

    "Defensive position! Zang you're to be the sniper support on the roof, Nesto take that door and Gabny take the other one" yelled Jin as the others departed.

    After walking for a while, Nyoro could see a closed door with light shining through the gap at the bottom. Then, he kicked the door open and the team entered, guns drawn as they secured the room and found an operating cyro-chamber.

    "Foodin, do your stuff," yelled Nyoro, motioning for Foodin to get on with it.

    "Yes sir," he replied, walking over to a large machine and pressed numerous buttons, finally pressing a green square shaped one. The sound of air escaping, ice cracking, and machines working floods the room. Then, the door of the cryo-chamber opens. A middle-aged man walks out, rubbing his eyes and taking a long yawn.

    "What is going on?" he asked, yawning.

    "Doctor Core? Father?" asked Nyoro, looking at the man in disbelief.

    "Father!" yelled the other three.

    "You're telling me that you're son of Jack Core? The one who created the Defender program?" asked Foodin, snapping up his visor.

    "Yes..." quietly replied Nyoro.

    "That's amazing! How long has he been frozen for?" asked Metamon.

    "He's been frozen for fifty years," interrupted Nyoro.

    "How old were you when you frozen?" asked Metamon.

    "Fifty..." replied Jack.

    "So you're technically a hundred years old!" yelled Metamon.

    "Can we get down to the f*ckin' business here!" yelled Nyoro, stepping in between the two.

    "Why did you wake me up?" asked Jack, turning to his son.

    "We have a problem, we're out of Defenders, and we need a better plan on finishing this war"

    "Aren't you a Defender yourself?" question Jack, narrowing his eyes.

    "There are only nineteen Defenders left in the galaxy, and we lost three during this mission so that makes sixteen," replied Nyoro, looking down at the ground.

    Jack looked down, arms crossed. Then he began to hum a melody alternating between high and low pitches. He suddenly stopped and looked at Nyoro. Then, he walked towards three large televisions that had medium sized panels in front. He pressed a few buttons and the televisions turned on. They displayed capsules tubes full of Pokémon.

    "The Argonaut Project?" replied Nyoro, walking towards the televisions.

    "Yes, the facility is located on Planet Fortune," said Jack, continuing to press buttons on the panal.

    "This might work, but reports are coming in that the Axis Alliance are planning to invade Fortune."

    "Looks like we have to hurry then."

    Screaming erupts from Nyoro's radio and then he talks into it, "Who is this?"

    "This is Happin..." she says quietly.

    "What's going on there?" demanded Nyoro.

    "It's's all over for us," she whispered, every word coming out strained.

    "What do you mean?"

    "They're telling me to tell you to surrender the prisoner...Get out of there...I'll stall them; they're outside of the building" she whispered.

    "Alright, thank you..." Nyoro whispered, trying to hold back his anger.

    The sound of a struggle erupts from the radio, and is succeeded by the numerous sounds of machine gun fire. Afterwards, a brief silence. Another yell came through the radio and Nyoro spoke through it again.

    "Jin! What's going on over there!" yelled Nyoro.

    "...The rest are dead...I'm done for...get the objective out of…" whispered Jin. Then, gunshots erupt in the background and the line goes cold.

    A deadly silence entered the room; broken only, by the sounds of gunfire, and the shaking of objects.

    "Everyone is dead...You four must get out of here..." said Nyoro, deadly quiet. He went to a computer and downloaded the "Argonaut Project" to a device and attempted to give it to his father. He refused.

    "What are you doing?" asked Jack, refusing to take the disk.

    "Saving your lives, someone has to stall for you all."

    "We're not going without you," said Jack firmly, crossing his arms over his chest.

    "You want all the Defenders to be killed?" half-asked, half-yelled Nyoro. Jack looked down in defeat, "Thought so, now get to the helicopter on the roof."

    "No!" Yelled Jack, getting a bit of fight back in his eyes.

    "I'm sorry dad but..." Nyoro whispered sadly, while making a fist and then gives Jack a punch in the face, knocking him out. Foodin just barely manages to catch him before he falls to the ground.

    "It's been an honor serving with you three" said Nyoro proudly, tossing the device to Metamon. He then walked into the hallway and cocked his gun, not giving the others time to say anything. The other four proceed to the stairs leading up to the roof and climbed it quickly. Foodin put Jack into the helicopter and puts his rifle on the doctor's lap. Piot sets up the helicopter and turns it on, Foodin takes the co-pilots position, and Metamon takes one of the machine guns.

    The helicopter's blades rotate at a high speed and it starts to climb. Piot quickly increases the height of the helicopter over the battlefield. Doctor Core wakes up with a rifle on his lap, then looks down at the battlefield and sees a burst of light coming out of the facility. Then, he sees tanks destroy the facility to rubble. Jack slowly looks away, holding on to his rifle. He then looks at Metamon.

    "Defender! What year is it?" he asked.

    "It's the Year Thirty Five Hundred, Sir." replies Metamon.

    The helicopter finally gets to a higher altitude, enters the clouds, and then disappears from sight.

    35 years later...

    Fox-Way Military Base, Juno Region – Planet Fortune – Monday, March 7th, year 3535. 0915 Hours.

    Poliwrath rubbed his face, flipping from his back to his side, generally just enjoying his deep sleep within his pond. It was then that the announcement went off, echoing through his small pond.

    "All Argonauts please report to the briefing hall" said the voice

    Poliwrath groans at being awoken from his lovely sleep, but knows he must report for duty. He then swims a few feet up the pond. He reaches surface and take a deep inhale of air, then whips to the edge of the pond and gets out. His room was a large room, made to look like it was a small forest: with trees, plants, and rocks. He walked over to a table that had his sword on top, and strapped it onto his round body, yawning. He arrived at the elevator door, yawned some more, and rubbed his eyes. A sound rings and the door opens. He steps in, turns around, and the door closes. His wrist computer began to ring, and he answered it grumpily.

    "There better be a good reason for waking me up, Colonel Jet"

    "Zangoose and Mazda were sent for a scouting mission near New Goldenrod City, and found prisoners. Argo prisoners. Before the two were captured, they said that they were going to be executed. And if I recall there is an arena near the city. Commander, I want you and your team to rescue them, they are your first priority. It's an all hands on deck mission. So get as much of your team on this one, Commander."

    "Sir, consider it done," responded Poliwrath.

    "I'll see you in the armory, Jet out."

    Poliwrath began typing on his computer and a voice sounding like a little kid began talking through it.

    "Ah, can I help you, sir?" asked the young voice.

    "Ditto, contact as much of Loyal you can and meet me down stairs."

    "Ahhh, yeah, you called me at a bad time" he muttered, sounding like he was pushing something.

    "You're on the toilet are you?" deadpanned Poliwrath.

    "Yup, nice guess," the sound of toilet then was heard in the background.

    "I'll meet you down stairs, sir." said Ditto finally, the sound of a door slamming was heard, and then Poliwrath shuts off the small computer.

    Next…Chapter 1 – Elevator Talk
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