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Well, since I started a new Leaf Green game file, I decided, why not do a Let's Play for it. Videos will only be provided for major boss battles, and updates will probably be weekly (as that's when I can get to uploading gameplay videos on YouTube).

Note: For this game, my character is named "Lisa" and the rival is "Red." And yes, I did name him "Red" out of spite (and because it actually is one of his default names for the Leaf Green version). Also, I will be using traded items such as Premier and Luxury Balls (because capturing all my Pokemon in regular 'ol Pokeballs just isn't my style).


Pallet Town

Well, today's the day. Time to begin my journey into the vast world of Kanto. So I pick up a Potion that is mysteriously in my PC storage despite never having a Pokemon to use it on. I head downstairs, say bye to my mom, the head toward Professor Oak's lab. I'm still unsure what university he teaches at, if any, but when I get there, I'm in for a rude awakening. Oak's not here, just his punk grandson Red who always has a few choice words (usually in the form of snide remarks) for me. So I head north out of town, and finally the old guy shows up. Back at his lab (which sadly doesn't resemble a mad scientist's evil lab in the least - that would have at least been cool), he has me and Red pick some of his Pokemon to start with. I pick Squirtle, not the best Pokemon out there, but certainly the best of Oak's meager selection. Red picks Bulbasaur, then promptly challenges me to throw down.

Too bad Bowser the Squirtle has no problem pounding him into the ground. Afterward, I leave boring old Pallet Town and head north, defeating any Pidgey or Rattata that dare stand in my way.

Viridian City

Arriving in Viridian City, I visit the Pokemon Center (which are currently embroiled in a legal battle with Red Roof Inn over, well, the red roof) and then the Mart.

At the store, I grudingly get recruited as an errand girl, as the shopkeeper shoves a package into my arms that I gotta take back to Oak. People are so lazy these days...

Back at Oak's place, I give him the goods,and in exchange I get a Pokedex... this Pokemon data device that I'm supposed to fill because, once again, people are so lazy these days. I also get five Pokeballs so I can start capturing Pokemon instead of merely killing 'em. So I explore a bit, on Route 1 and 22 west of Viridian, making a few captures, the most notable of those being Craig the Pidgey. And just for the heck of it, I decide to cream Red again.

Viridian Forest

After sending him packing, it's off to Viridian Forest, a miserable place teeming with weak bugs, even weaker electric rodents, and idiot Bug Catchers who think the bugs will actually lead them to victory. Still, I take one of each bug for myself and level them up till they evolve... Speaking of evolving, I also make sure both Bowser and Craig evolve before leaving the forest.

Pewter City

Finally making my way out of the forest, I enter Pewter City. After taking a tour of the museum, I decide it's time to pay the Gym a little visit, and what transpires between me and Leader Brock is documented below:

Lisa vs. Brock


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